ToneDen's Women and Tech Music Mixer

Our women in tech and music mixer next month! Melanie and I have been planning the mixer the last month, and we've partnered with my friends over at Girls in Tech, an amazing organization, to bring a night of empowerment for women in a hybrid space of music and technology. In the last month we've figured out how to get an alcohol permit (haha), and cultivated new relationships with women-led vendors that will be participating in the mixer, it's been a fun and enlightening planning experience!

Desi Gabrielle
Software Engineer


iPhone vs. non-iPhone

Many phones have better tech/functionality, so how does Apple keep us hooked? My verdict: ease of use. I tried a Google Pixel, which was great/superior in almost every way—all of your data is synced with your google accounts, so life is easier to organize and manage—but somehow, the day-to day-use is much clunkier, especially with navigation speed. I thought at first that I just had to get used to the Pixel, but I found myself grabbing my fiancée's iPhone to call Ubers, share things, and ultimately I had to switch back to an iPhone after two weeks. That said, I think it's only a matter of time before the iPhone gets replaced by a competitor of some type and I can't wait.

Tommy Knecht
Director of Partnerships


Rafting the Rogue River

This month I'm talking about the Rogue River wilderness in Southern Oregon! For one of my best friends' bachelor parties, we took 13 people, 3 rafts, 2 kayaks, and 300 beers and rafted through the wilderness for 3 days. We saw more bald eagles and river otters than other people, and, despite my best efforts to flip my raft on the biggest rapid on the river, we all came out unscathed.

Nick Elsbree


Nike Air Max 270 React

This new model takes elements from a few current popular Nike models and blends them together to create an amazing, eye-catching design. I've been rocking these for the past few weeks and the Bauhaus color-way makes for an awesome summer shoe!

Sam Jameson
Customer Success Manager


The Art of Self-Defense

In theaters now! Featuring deadpan-favorite Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Peats, this film explores an insular, testosterone-heavy world in The Art of Self-Defense, an extremely dark comedy that’s equal parts absurd and disturbing. Plus, it's stunt choreographed by my best friend, Mindy Kelly, who is the first women to lead all stunt work and martial arts in a film!

Melanie Mabugat-Wagner
Marketing Director


Lacrosse Comes to LA for the Premier Lacrosse League All-Star Game

I grew up watching Paul Rabil’s videos on YouTube. He once held the points record for Major League Lacrosse. Frustrated with how the league was progressing, he and his brother, Mike, raised a search fund in an attempt acquire it, but the deal feel through. So they started their own league. By raising venture capital, recruiting the best players in the world and securing a multiyear deal with NBC Sports, the Premier Lacrosse League may be the next big thing thing in sports.

Jake Rush
Head of Ad Operations


"Floor Seats" by A$AP Ferg

I'm talking about A$AP Ferg's return with the release of his upcoming EP Floor Seats. The current single is also called "Floor Seats" and Ferg said the inspiration came from "giving everyone the VIP experience you get during a floor seat of an NBA game; which is unique and rare. You’re getting to experience and see the inside of my life." Turn up your speakers and let this blast.

Zach Walker
Director of Social Marketing


Arcadia Bluffs

Right after the 4th of July I went to Northwest Michigan for a golf trip at Arcadia Bluffs. Some of the most beautiful views in the midwest are at Arcadia. There are two golf courses. The South Course is the newest course at Arcadia and is a links style course with design elements from Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, IL. Then there is the Bluffs Course where it seems every hole is a signature hole with incredible views and landscape. Finishing up a twilight round as the sun is setting over Lake Michigan and the bag pipes playing in the background was a very memorable experience.

Sterling Witt
Sales Director


The Manufactory

The first time I went to San Francisco, I went straight to Tartine—and waited in line for an hour. The wait is shorter, the parking is easier, but the morning buns and pain au jambon are just as ethereal at the renowned bakery's new LA spot, The Manufactory, a multi-armed operation housed in The Row, the shop-live-work complex that's resuscitating the former American Apparel factory. Whether you're after sit-down brunch or a perfect banana cream tart, you can't go wrong.

JoAnna Novak
Head of Education



I just got back from two weeks in an unexpectedly beautiful country. Driving 3,500 kilometers across the eastern side of Ecuador, we covered everything from mountains to the edge of the Amazon rainforest, terrain rich with natural splendor and lasting memories of an awesome adventure! A must go.

Tim Thimmaiah


The Matrix Turns Twenty

I just realized that The Matrix (1999) turned twenty years old this past March and plan to rewatch the trilogy again in the upcoming weeks. The movie still hasn’t lost its relevance after two long decades nor has it lost its ability to have different meanings to different audiences. For some, The Matrix is about overcoming repression in modern society (whether it be through resisting capitalism, mundanity, or overcoming being queer in a hetero-dominated society); for others, it remains a contemporary introduction to the ancient (see: Plato) idea that we are living in a simulation. I look forward to seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Ali Shakeri

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