From our first to our millionth user on ToneDen, we have always aimed to provide an experience that makes social marketing feel effortless. Whether you’re an independent creator, part of building a new business, or someone helping to grow the next big brand, our goal has been to demystify the process for you to reach the people you need to online.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to be announcing a new look for the ToneDen platform.

We’ve spent the last few months talking to amazing marketers and creators like you to hear your most vocal suggestions and ideas. The hundreds of hours of interviews, thousands of surveys, and countless messages have guided us in creating a marketing toolset that you can own and love.

A dashboard that informs and educates

A common question we kept hearing was: How do I get the most out of ToneDen?

With our new look, we wanted to highlight how ToneDen is actively helping to grow your brand online, while providing new ways to learn how to use our tools better.

Your new dashboard will show you everything you need to know about your audience today and show what you’ll need to do tomorrow to keep your audience coming back.

Insights to help you measure and grow your business

We know how important it is for you to know exactly what’s happening with your marketing campaigns. We also know that graphs, charts, and reports can quickly become overwhelming.

That’s why we’re providing you with easy-to-understand insights that will help you accurately determine the performance of your marketing efforts. You’ll see major improvements on how performance is being reported across all of your campaigns. Specifically we’ve focused on showing you how ToneDen is helping you generate engagement, conversions, and most importantly — money. With clearer insights, you’ll be able to make better decisions on how you can continue to grow your business and brand.

Share and work with your team

We’re seeing more and more people using ToneDen to manage multiple social brands. It’s humbling to be a part of helping our users’ businesses and brands grow.

To make it easier to build multiple social audiences under one account, we’ve implemented a more streamlined way to collaborate and manage separate social profiles. You’ll find it much faster to navigate through your accounts and much easier to share accounts with your team members.

A marketing arsenal that you can truly own

One of the most exciting features of the new ToneDen is a completely native desktop application.

ToneDen on your desktop gives you the power, flexibility, and speed you need to manage your social marketing like a pro. Instead of getting lost amid your browser tabs, you’ll have everything you need to manage the relationships with your audience right at your fingertips.

New us, new you

No matter how long you’ve been working with ToneDen, you can count on us to continue to build the best tools for you to reach, engage, and sell to the people that matter. Our redesign is just the foundation for a whole new set of features that we’ll be launching over the next few months. We’ll be bringing you one of the most advanced and truly automated marketing platforms wrapped in an interface that you’ll find intuitive, simple, and forever easy to use.

In addition, we’re committed to helping you learn how to build and nurture the best relationships with your audience online. We’re doubling down on education, tutorials, and workshops to guide you in unlocking top performance when it comes to reaching and selling across social media.

Lastly, all of this could not be possible without your support. The hundreds of thousands of ToneDen users that have shared opinions, ideas, and thoughts have been a huge part of what we’re bringing you today. We’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and we’re here to continue helping you do what you love.

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