“Shutdown anywhere means shutdown everywhere,” Bill Gates recently advised. Many governments have encouraged their citizens to remain indoors as much as possible for the upcoming weeks in the interest of public health. For employees in industries deemed nonessential, this means working from home.

As a result, telecommuting is trending, big time. The advice for making this transition is nearly endless.

Need help navigating spouses or roommates? Can’t hurt.

What about making the switch with a 100+ team?

There are even tips for speeding up home internet

Help your team maintain a smooth workflow with tried and true tools. One of our favorite remote communication tools is Slack - a chat messenger service designed for businesses. A multitude of free screen-sharing tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Uberconference have made remote meetings even easier. 

Remember: we’ll get through this. Now is the time to double-down on the relationships at the foundation of your company. Stay connected, stay positive, and boosting morale with remote happy hours never hurt either.

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