With spring events suspended, live streams and virtual concerts are keeping us strong (thank you, artists). Many event organizers have suspended ad operations with the exception of one campaign that advertises their entire fall, winter, and spring event calendar for $1/day (or more).

$1/day in this time period lets you reach hundreds of fans online each day due to the massive increase in ad inventory in the Facebook and Instagram NewsFeeds.

For example, John Doe, is currently spending $30/mo. Doing so lets John Doe ask fans to support their venue by purchasing tickets for fall events, similar to how many small to medium business owners and restaurants are encouraging their local constituents to buy gift cards.

Using the Facebook Grouped Remarketing Audience to Reduce Campaign Budgets

If you’re running individual campaigns for events coming up in the Fall, Winter, or Spring, we recommend you save money by utilizing the Facebook Grouped Remarketing audience.

This audience combines your most likely buyers into a single audience (Facebook & Instagram Page Engagers, Facebook Event Engagers, Web Traffic, and Mailing List) so that you only need to spend $1/day on the campaign. 

This will allow you to market your future events without compromising your finances.

If you need any help setting this up, you can learn more about Dynamic Event Ads Strategy or feel free to schedule a meeting with our customer success team here

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