Managing multiple live events is challenging, even for seasoned promoters. Today’s promoters face a universal set of challenges:

• Marketing budgets on a per event basis have not increased

• Their marketing team is limited and resource constrained

• They are booking more events than ever before

ToneDen’s marketing automation platform has paved the way in helping event organizers overcome the challenges of maximizing marketing budgets while keeping costs low. However, in managing marketing for multiple events, we saw our customers were time-constrained with the limited bandwidth at their disposal.

Marketing multiple events, or calendar advertising, isn’t new. Calendar advertising, in theory, allows promoters to pool smaller budgets into a single efficient campaign. For example, event marketers would buy an entire page in the local newspaper featuring all of their event dates. Unfortunately, these methods are no longer effective at moving ticket sales.

Today, calendar advertising means creating individual marketing campaigns for each event. While this option seems effective, time and budgetary restrictions prevent promoters from having continuous campaigns up and running for all of their events. For example, if an event organizer has 30 events on-sale, they would need to spend at least $30/day across 30 campaigns in order to ensure each event is promoted. For many event organizers, that cost is more than their entire monthly advertising budget.

The biggest downside of current methods of calendar advertising has been that it’s difficult to guarantee that you’re showing the right shows to the right audience. In other words, event marketers end up spending a lot of money chasing ticket buyers for one event, where those buyers are actually interested in a completely different event.

To make calendar advertising easy and successful for anyone, we’re incredibly excited to announce Dynamic Event Ads.

Dynamic Event Ads take your calendar advertising to the next level

What if you could promote your entire event calendar to the most relevant audience on Facebook & Instagram with just one automated campaign?

Dynamic Event Ads take calendar advertising one step further by automating the entire process within a single ad campaign.

Here’s how they work:

Here’s the proof:

For as little as $1/day, promoters like Pepper Entertainment saw an average return of $700/day in gross ticket sales at their partner venue, The District. Matt Bump has been able to drive over $14,000 of sales with only $100 spent. That’s a monstrous 141x return!

“ToneDen’s DEAs are saving me countless hours with a single campaign to promote all of our current and future events. The cost savings combined with the increase in sales has me convinced that this is the future of event marketing.”

Pat and his team and Waterfront Concerts are spending less than $2/day and making back over $200 every day using ToneDen’s DEAs. Their first DEA campaign made them almost $3,500 and only spent $30. That's a 115x return!

“With ToneDen’s Dynamic Event Ads, we’ve been able to get ads across our entire event calendar up and running in minutes. We’re using tiny budgets and seeing massive returns with no work on our end. I wish we had this playbook years ago!”

Andy is kicking back and watching the money roll in with Hampton Beach Casino’s Dynamic Event Ads. Their return on ad spend was 129x and only spent $45. Can you do the math on that? (It’s $5,800 in automated revenue).

“ToneDen’s DEA’s allow me to target cart abandonment customers with the exact event they abandoned across our entire calendar of events. Not only does this save us an insane amount of time but we only have to spend a few dollars a day for thousands of dollars in ticket sales. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Here’s why Dynamic Event Ads work so well:

1. Fans only see ads for shows they are interested in. DEAs only serve ads that include information about the shows fans have viewed, but haven’t purchased tickets to yet.
2. Promoters only need to create the campaign once. ToneDen updates Facebook daily with information about your events so that you don’t have to. Anytime you create a new event through your ticketing company, the event information is added to Facebook. And anytime an event is sold out, cancelled, or has already happened, the event information is removed from Facebook.
3. Promoters only need one budget for remarketing. DEAs allow you to remarket hundreds of shows within a single campaign because the creative a fan sees is dependent on the show they viewed, but didn’t purchase tickets for yet.

Getting Started

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