Looking for the easiest way to increase engagement in your event post and boost attendance for your event? 

Meet Facebook Event RSVP Ads. 

Event RSVP ads mimic typical Facebook event invites, prompting users to select 'Interested' to express interest or 'Going' to RSVP. Although RSVP’s are obviously non-binding, they still matter! 

By putting money behind Event RSVP ads, you’ll drive traffic and engagement straight to your Facebook event with a direct link to the event page—a seamless pathway from newsfeed to invite. And because the ad pulls directly from the event page, it looks more like a boosted post than a typical ad. That boosted post feel in-feed helps with the clickthrough rate. 

Event RSVP ads give you organic reach, too! Ever see those notifications from friends? “Alexa is going to Haunted Fest.” When Alexa becomes interested in Haunted Fest, Facebook sends a suggestion to her friends’ list, actively promoting Haunted Fest in their timelines and building hyper-targeted awareness. Consider it a traffic campaign on steroids. 

Event RSVP ads will continue to gain frequency on those interested as Facebook will send automated notifications about the event as it draws closer. An additional bonus? Event RSVP ads allow you to track in-app purchases and revenue data without ever leaving Facebook (more on this later).

It’s easy to create Event RSVP ads with ToneDen—and we’re currently the only platform outside of Facebook where you can do so!

1. To create any event response ad, first you'll need to create a Facebook event. You must be a Page admin or editor and a co-host of the event you want to advertise.

2. When selecting your objective, choose the "Get people to RSVP to your Facebook event" option. Then, choose your Facebook page and event below.

Increase Even More Sales with Facebook Checkout

When promoting events on Facebook, remember that likes or shares don’t always convert to ticket sales. ‘Interested’ numbers climb while ticket sales seem to be sluggish. It happens to the best of us, even when we’re running Event RSVP ads. What can you do?

Drastically boost your bottom line and sell tickets in the same place you’re promoting your event with Facebook’s end-to-end check out. The results are promising. Events that sell tickets directly on Facebook drive 2X more sales and free registrations on average than events that redirect to a ticketing page.

It’s simple. Here’s how it works:

The 'Get Tickets' CTA would ordinarily redirect visitors to the event’s ticketing page. With Facebook Checkout, people can immediately purchase tickets without leaving the Facebook event. Visitors simply confirm their payment details and voila—tickets sold!

The Facebook Checkout integration is currently available on Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, and other select ticketing platforms.

Event RSVP ads coupled with Facebook Checkout provide potential event-goers a seamless buying experience all within Facebook. They can share the event on their timeline, receive automated notifications, and most importantly, instantly purchase tickets. It’s the perfect supplement to your existing marketing campaigns to quickly generate buzz and increase ticket sales for your event while drastically reducing drop-off. 

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