Marketing is hard, even for marketers.

There was a time when getting someone to buy something was a job for elite advertising executives in posh Madison Avenue offices. It was an era without the internet — before anyone could sell a product that people could buy anywhere with a single click.

Today, people shop differently than they did 10 years ago, 10 months ago, even 10 weeks ago. Before trying a new soft serve place, people get sprinkle-envy on Instagram and surf Yelp reviews; before buying a mattress, they’ve liked Kylie Jenner’s endorsement. Advertising today isn’t the static billboards or magazine spots of yesterday; it’s like the internet itself: an always-evolving, ever-present force.

To keep up, people have had to adapt quickly. In today’s social media ecosystem, buyers fast-track decisions, comparison shop in seconds, and factor in the opinions of friends, strangers, and influencers alike.

Let’s face it: Marketing requires an entirely new strategy, one that’s more responsive than anyone on Madison Avenue ever imagined. While big brands can afford the focus groups, market analysts, and research teams, emerging brands have to shoestring.

There’s a science in weaving words, images, and music into a story that appeal to potential customers and convinces them to buy what’s being sold. How’s a fledgling business going to find time to do all of that, let alone do it well, while managing a budget?

We believe that there’s a better way. That the deck shouldn’t be stacked against new brands. That marketing success shouldn’t depend on the agency or marketing tools you can afford.

We believe your brand deserves to reach millions of potential customers and fans, and that finding people who care about what you’re selling shouldn’t mean losing money. Working smarter, not harder, will give you the most time and energy to actually grow your business.

This is why we made Playbooks.

Playbooks make sophisticated marketing easy for anyone

What if one campaign could meet all your marketing goals?

We’ve brought together the ability to advertise, message, and promote within Playbooks. Playbooks take what were once separate marketing initiatives and combines them into stand-alone campaigns. They take just minutes to launch.

For years, brands have struggled with fragmented marketing. In today’s digital world, that struggle is increasingly problematic. Truth is: messaging = advertising = promoting. We know it’s all interconnected.

Playbooks let you bypass the hassles of separate channels. What does this look like? A more natural experience for customers. A seamless journey from an ad in the newsfeed to a personalized message that encourages purchasing on your timetable. An organic flow from promotion to checkout.

No more shelling out for a slew of tools that seem to be doing the same work. (How many ways do you need your subscriber list managed?) No more wasting time creating numerous campaigns with the same end goal. No more bombarding people with generic messaging.

Lastly, and most importantly, Playbooks make it quick and easy to develop and nurture relationships with your customers. Stop worrying about mastering the dark arts of marketing and focus on what you do best.

Introducing Playbooks for Music and Live Events

Today we’re launching our first collection of Playbooks for two kinds of brands we know and love. Based on our years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of creators, and the event businesses showcase their talent across the world, we’ve built over two dozen Playbooks that offer the best strategies for reaching more fans and attracting more ticket buyers.

Artists and creators will discover Playbooks focused on driving engagement across streaming platforms like Spotify. With a few clicks, launch a single campaign to maximize the reach of a release, increase discoverability, and drive virality across multiple social platforms at once.

See how Autograf owns the Spotify release game with our Spotify Pre-Save Playbook.

Promoters and live venue marketers will find Playbooks that strategize each stage in the life cycle of an event. Battle-tested by some of the best event businesses in the world, maximized ticket sales and increased attendance are just minutes away.

See how Noise Pop, Wagner Noël, and DoLab solve their toughest marketing challenges with our event Playbooks.

Looking forward

We’re excited for a future where anyone, anywhere can win at marketing, and with Playbooks that future is now.

In our next few updates, we’ll expand our offerings to include Playbooks that automate key marketing tasks for small businesses of all kinds. We’ll add new integrations to services you already love, like Mailchimp and Shopify. And we’ll collaborate with our partners on Playbooks tailored to their platforms, making marketing on channels like Eventbrite and Patreon even easier.

After all, that’s our goal here at ToneDen. We want to demystify marketing and, along the way, make your life a little easier. We’re proud that customers count us as partners and members of their marketing teams. And that’s why Playbooks are here: together, we can help your brand grow.

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