Autograf may’ve shone at Coachella (and they’re hitting the desert again for Splash House), but the EDM trio knows crushing the festival circuit is hard work. As anyone in the music industry understands all too well, an artist’s tracks and albums only matter so much. What’s more important?

Their Spotify game.

Charting on Spotify

Hyperbot reports that Bryan Johnson of Spotify UK says “Release Radar alone is driving more streams than any of Spotify’s in-house playlists.” And, Johnson notes, most “musicians are spending all their time and energy seeking placements on bigger curated playlists.”

Sure, getting an editorial — in other words, landing on one of Spotify’s flashy playlists — is incredible. But placing on Rap Caviar, say, or one of the other top editorials, doesn’t insure your track’s will do well. The small team that builds those top-tier playlists decide how songs rank. At a certain point, you hit the inflection point, where the tide starts to turn. In other words, the further down the playlist they slot you, the higher the odds that you’re not going to get heard

If your song doesn’t grow a pair of legs and run, your fate is sealed. And unless you’re on a major record label or friends with the right people, claiming a spot on those playlists is really hard.

With more than a million tracks being added to Spotify each day, the race you’re running in is ridiculously overcrowded, to say the least.

Autograf, like so many artists, saw the situation. They knew playlisting was important, but weren’t sure what to do when they couldn’t snag an editorial. The best way to get a foothold in the Spotify ecosystem, it seemed, was to take Bryan Johnson’s advice and focus on landing in their fans’ algorithmically-driven playlists, like the Daily Mix.

The more a fan saves a track, the more likely that that track will wind up in their Daily Mix. The challenge Autograf found was one of promotion — how to drive hype before a song is even released. As they discovered, it’s really hard — unless you’re using ToneDen.

Tl;dr: If you’re going to use Spotify, you need to be using ToneDen.

In fact, the feature artists like Autograf count on the most is the Spotify Pre-Save Playbook.

ToneDen’s Spotify Pre-Save Playbook

The Spotify Pre-Save Playbook lets artists take control of their music. It allows them to be proactive before a track is even released. Effectively, this Playbook drives more traffic to the track on Spotify.

Here’s how it works: ToneDen helped Autograf design and launch a campaign to get people to message them on Facebook for a link to pre-save their single “Dead Soon.” Everyone who started a conversation with them on Messenger received an automated message with a link to your custom Spotify pre-save landing page. From there, pre-saving was simple. Painless. One click. When the track dropped, it was already saved to the fan’s collection.

Artists like Autograf know that ToneDen helps them get the most from their Spotify experience, and this Playbook underscores that. At the same time, it’s a great way to grow a Facebook Messenger list — the best new way to communicate with fans. (Seriously: Messenger open rates topple email.) From the “Dead Soon” campaign, Autograf nabbed more than thirty new Messenger subscribers — which means at least thirty pre-saves for their track.