Palm trees galore and thousands of tropical plants aren’t quite what you’d expect in New York City, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at The Brooklyn Mirage: lush greenery and dozens of underground, EDM, and Live acts.

When Hayata Ishikawa and I spoke, he was gearing up for The Mirage’s opening. As Marketing Manager for Avant Gardner, Ishikawa is triply busy. He oversees advertising for three venues — The Brooklyn Mirage, The Great Hall, and The Kings Hall — comprising the block-long indoor-outdoor event space in Brooklyn. Each comes with quirks, but The Mirage may be the quirkiest:

“It’s a pretty crazy project,” Ishikawa says. “Every summer we have to take it down for the winter. The weather doesn’t allow us to keep everything up.”

Avant Gardner began as a startup, a project to create a new space for concertgoers in NYC. “There was never a venue of this stature and size, somewhere between a traditional music venue and a stadium,” says Ishikawa.

A music industry vet, Ishikawa worked as an underground promoter and DJ before moving to Webster Hall, with stops at Elements NYC and RPM along the way. He knows more than a little about putting on shows — which means he knows that using ToneDen is a must.

“See What You’re Creating”

Efficiency is essential when you’re marketing for a venue the size of Avant Gardner, and ToneDen makes efficiency automatic. The last thing Ishikawa wanted was to spend all his time running A/B tests for his audiences and creatives. What he likes about ToneDen is how split-testing is built into software, which makes that software behave like a collaborator. “You’re really able to see what you’re creating.”

Recently, Ishikawa used ToneDen to run an Event On-Sale Instagram Story Campaign. By using ToneDen, he was easily able to get the ad in front of multiple audiences and see how each performed.

Running this campaign brought Ishikawa valuable data. He learned Avant Gardner’s website visitors purchased more often than, say, people who had liked them on Facebook. But without ToneDen, a marketer would be forced to manage that data solo, which can be complicated and time-consuming. If you know one audience is performing better than another, how do you determine where to shift your money? How do you reallocate and optimize your budget?

ToneDen’s algorithm takes care of this: it’s an active approach to ensuring your budget performs at peak. Ishikawa saw this firsthand. His $550 budget netted him more than $10K. Almost 83K Instagram users viewed the ad; nearly 200 of them engaged and bought tickets. For every $1 he spent, Ishikawa made $19.


In industry that changes as fast as the pics in your Instagram Story, it’s important to keep up. “Every single second something changes,” Ishikawa says. “It’s better to get something done right away.”

With ToneDen, venues like Avant Gardner don’t just keep up — they keep ahead. They do this by using what they learn in campaigns and responding strategically. “On the analytics end,” Ishikawa admits, “it really makes it a lot more seamless to see how you’re spending. It makes the reporting better.”

That kind of clarity — and transparency — is crucial, especial as new marketing platforms continue to proliferate. With millions of users on Instagram Stories every day, marketers like Ishikawa need a partner that can leverage the insights from previous campaigns into smart tactics in the future. It’s good for business and it’s good for the customer:

From my experience, ToneDen lets you engage with your customers and make a better experience for them.

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