For DJs or anyone involved in electronic music today, Beatport is home base. In CEO Robb McDaniels’ words, “there is no better place to buy and sell dance music on the planet, no better place to check out what’s hot in the underground, and no better place to see what your favorite DJs are playing in their sets.”

Since 2004, Beatport has been providing more music for techno and house DJs than any other source in the world. As Zach Jaffe, Product and Marketing Manager, tells ToneDen, the company is currently in a growth phase, “[developing] new technologies for the next generation of DJs.”

Working in the electronic music scene for nearly a decade, Jaffe admits: “I’ve known of ToneDen since their inception and when I came on at Beatport I insisted that the platform be adopted for our marketing endeavors.”

“The Gold Standard”  

Jaffe has produced underground shows, developed weekly acts, and put on tri-annual events. He’s been behind the scenes in the realms of artist relations and business developments. For the past eighteen months at Beatport, he’s “straddled both the product development/management and marketing worlds.” In short, it means a lot when he says:

“ToneDen is the gold standard for me as someone who has worked in digital marketing for this long in the electronic music space.”

For a jack of all trades like Jaffe, part of ToneDen’s appeal is how versatile it is. No matter what aspect of Beatport Jaffe is managing, ToneDen helps “in ways I never thought possible, or at least not without considerable internal resources. ToneDen’s commitment to helping with new ideas and collaborations has been unrivaled.”

Collaborating on a Culture of Education  

Jaffe’s made sure that his colleagues are ToneDen literate. The on-boarding, in his estimation, was so “painless” that he was able to train other Beatport employees himself. This sort of delegation is crucial. “I spend a lot of time doing inter-departmental oversight,” Jaffe says, “keeping the trains running on time for everything from new products to our larger marketing campaigns like the ones we run on ToneDen such as Beats in School.”

Beats in School is one of Beatport’s recent efforts to promote education and and career development for its users. An annual contest (the third edition just closed), Beats in School offers budding DJs and electronic music artists the chance to participate in a year-long mentoring and tool-building program.  

With ToneDen, Beatport created a unique contest that let Beatport devotees submit a track of their own music, as well as their contact information, for a chance to win one of four spots in the Beats in School program. Borne from ToneDen’s data acquisition tools, this contest yielded 2,458 total entries.

Beats in School Contest Campaign

Jaffe was blown away. “Our Beats in in School campaign was far and away an incredible success. For our third edition we received 5x the number of entries than we had before we started using ToneDen to manage and execute the campaign. ToneDen’s social unlock tool combined with some additional features made the campaign a smash.”

Data Acquisition Done Ethically

For Jaffe, ToneDen is a recommendation that should be shouted from the rooftops. He sees it as widely applicable and endlessly valuable, “definitely anyone at a record label or digital marketing agency (not just music).”

And, as social advertising continues to thrive amidst increasing consumer concern for privacy, the platform offers advertisers a safe space. As Jaffe puts it, “There are so many different ways to use ToneDen that it would conceivably benefit anyone who has someone of value to exchange on the internet for a small piece of (GDPR compliant!) data.”