Bob Nocek is a venue master, legendary in the events world of the South. He’s managed theaters and booked arenas, served as the Chief Operating Officer for enormous event spaces. For seventeen-plus years, venues have been his world, but he’s only recently begun doing what he truly loves: running Bob Nocek Presents.

“The part of the business I have the most passion for is booking shows,” Nocek tells ToneDen. “So I decided … to go out on my own.” Now the president and founder of one of the most successful concert promoters in Durham, North Carolina, Nocek is free to focus on what he loves about the events industry.

His connections throughout greater Durham make him one of the most respected promoters around. With that respect comes big business, which is why Bob Nocek Presents uses ToneDen to be sure their marketing game is A+. “We’ve got a small shop ,” Nocek says, “so we’ve done a lot of Facebook advertising. I really believe in it. I think it can be more effective than the old traditional media.”

ToneDen lets Nocek have a greater command of that platform. “Before, we were essentially putting up one ad, running it for a period of time, kind of letting it sit.” Now, Nocek’s team uses ToneDen to market smarter. “It allows us to put in these different audiences, have the budgets optimized based on how those audiences are performing, and to really vary the content.”

For a recent Postmodern Jukebox shows, that meant uploading four or five videos. Nocek admits: “We probably would’ve spent hours on that if we tried to do it ourselves.”

Lasso: An Uncontested Success

One of a marketer’s most important tools is their mailing list. Whether that mailing list is composed of email addresses or Messenger contacts, having a collection of the people who want to know what shows you’re advertising is crucial to those shows selling tickets.

But how do you get those contacts? No one likes popups flashing on a website, begging you to enter your email. That’s why Bob Nocek Presents loves Lasso. One of ToneDen’s proprietary tools, Lasso is a sibling of old-school popups — a smarter, friendlier sibling. With chat-like language, Lasso lets users customize the voice of their brand.

Unlike old-school popups, Lasso does more than collect email addresses. It can be coupled with other actions that drive social engagement — actions that lead to more people signing up for your mailing list.

In March, Bob Nocek Presents used Lasso to run a contest. Visitors to the website saw an advertisement for an upcoming Daughtry concert, as well as a popup offering a free pair of tickets to that show.

In exchange for the chance to win those, Bob Nocek Presents used Lasso to collect the entrant’s contact information.“For us, it really doesn’t cost us anything,” he said. One month running a contest like this can net as many 600 new email subscribers.

It’s smart, organic, and effective. “These were people who were coming to our website,” Nocek says. “Maybe we would’ve been able to hit them again through pixel-tracking with retargeting ads, but unless they were buying tickets, we weren’t getting their information.”

Nocek’s Daughtry contest reached more than 55,000 people — an incredible success. “For me, all of these things are incremental,” he tells us. “It’s about using as many incremental tools as you can to continue to build an audience and get these people into your system.”

With ToneDen, promoters like Nocek are able to pick up these new tools with confidence; being plugged into the latest marketing strategies allows companies to keep growing. ToneDen has changed the way Bob Nocek Presents does business. He’s grateful: “It allows us to pursue almost anything.”

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