Home to the largest publicly held collection of quilts and a giant wooly mammoth fossil (meet Archie), Lincoln, Nebraska is also where you’ll find the historic Bourbon Theater. Opened as a movie theater in 1931, today the Bourbon keeps the Huskers in knockout shows and, of course, whiskey.

Cortney Kirby is the Bourbon’s marketing coordinator. The theater, she says, “is definitely a staple in the heart of downtown Lincoln.” The diverse acts that have graced the Bourbon’s stage are what make it so popular: everyone from Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Wanda Jackson (“a total rockabilly mama from the ’50s”) to Viking metal band Amon Amarth.

Using ToneDen makes Kirby’s extra confident in how the Bourbon promotes shows: it’s been a game-changer for the theater’s marketing strategy. “I really like it,” Kirby says. “I’m on it on all day usually and we have like seven or eight live campaigns, so we’re constantly trying new things

Used with permission of the Bourbon Theater

Recently, the Bourbon has been piloting ToneDen’s newest feature: Playbooks. Playbooks are pre-built strategies that link two or more marketing campaigns. They’re designed with the belief that, at its core, marketing is about people and the meaningful relationships your brand cultivates with them.

The Bourbon used the Event Announce Playbook to promote a Red Sun Rising show.

Here’s how it works 👉 ToneDen creates and launches a Facebook ad campaign to promote the Bourbon’s event; then, when tickets go on sale, everyone who commented on that post automatically receives a message from the Bourbon’s Facebook page with a link to buy tickets.

The Bourbon racks up new Messenger subscribers that they can contact any time — subscribers who are also able buy tickets right within Messenger.

As you can see, this playbook scored the Bourbon huge returns — specifically 20.4x return on ad spend. Over a mere six days, the theater spent just $50and generated over $1,000 in revenue.

Everyone likes to be able to measure massive ROAS, but the Event Announce Playbook is about more than just analyzing numbers. Because this playbook uses Facebook Messenger, it helped grow the Bourbon’s Messenger subscriber list. All of those people are fans now plugged into upcoming announces and on-sales.

Used with permission of the Bourbon Theater

That authentic customer engagement is what thrills Kirby. “It’s exciting to see all the messages we get from people who are interacting with our posts, and then going ahead and clicking the link when the show goes on sale. It’s like a direct marketing campaign that’s not email but is super easy to use!”

In a world of complicated, multi-channel marketing, Playbooks make it easy to reach and engage your target customer on multiple channels … without complicated campaigns.

ToneDen’s Playbooks give marketing coordinators like Cortney Kirby the ability to really personalize their approach to their venue’s specific customer base.

“I would recommend this to all types of — not just music venues — but any business or any band for that matter — a game changer, especially when you throw in the Playbooks and Messenger apps: that’s just next-level stuff.”

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