It’s a Monday at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas and that means Janice Renée is announcing shows. Renée is the show marketer at Brooklyn Bowl, one of the hottest entertainment venues in Sin City. Located on the Linq Promenade, beneath the Higher Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel, this venue is triple the size of its sister property in NY — and boasts three floors of premier entertainment: stages and outdoor pavilions, Blue Ribbon fried chicken, and, of course, bowling.

While luxury might not always conjure up laid-back vibes, at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas that’s just what you’ll find. Want to bowl while your favorite band plays a live show? Done. Rather relax on a sumptuous Chesterfield couch? You can do that, too, while a giant disco ball spins from the ceiling.

For Janice Renée, working as a show marketer at Brooklyn Bowl is a dream job. “I get to see my favorite musicians in my office,” she tells us. “I love it.” But this music polymath, versed in everything from teching to managing a band (check out JAW GEMS), also understands that, to fill seats (or couches) at a 2500-person venue you’ve got to reach fans in their element — through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. “It’s a great way to really hone in on your audience and directly reach people that are into the types of concerts that you’re promoting.”

The best way to bowl a perfect 300 in the digital marketing game? “We use ToneDen pretty much all week, every week,” Renée admits. “It’s always open on one of my browser tabs.”

The Life Cycle of Events

Regardless of the venue or the artist or the market, the life cycle of event is surprisingly consistent. For the team at Brooklyn Bowl, ToneDen’s features perfectly correspond to each stage in the life cycle of an event. Our announces happen on Mondays and our on-sales usually happen on Friday,” Renée says. “Another great thing about ToneDen: the fact that you can schedule in advance and [ad campaigns] will always run on time.”

At BB LV, the first step is announcing a show. That means spreading the word with awareness campaigns, often in the form of boosted posts. For an upcoming Fetty Wap show, Renée’s team spent less than $50 and engaged more than 5,700 fans across Facebook and Instagram. “It’s awesome to be able to use ToneDen to boost that content to people who will really, truly care about it.”

That initial investment pays off again and again for BB LV. By the time on-sale for Fetty Wap came around, potential showgoers were already psyched. They ran a conversion campaign, spent just over $50, and added more than $500 in revenue — an almost 11x return on ad spend.

And while announces and on-sales are Brooklyn Bowl’s bread-and-butter, their passion for music shines through in the ways they engage with potential concertgoers in the off hours.

One way is through their blog, Knockdown Alley. “We’re constantly writing up interesting blog posts, giveaways, photo galleries,” Renée says.

"Having the awareness ad feature allows us to deliver this content specifically to people that we think would be interested in it. ToneDen makes the affinity artist and interest feature so simple that we always just prefer to boost through you.”

There’s good science behind maintaining an active blog — or any kind of marketing activity that consumers look forward to monitoring. A 2016 study out of George Washington School of Business suggested that “marketers … engaging in indirect interactions can also lead to stronger connections and more positive brand metrics.”

That’s why Renée considers ToneDen so essential, “an incredibly results-driven platform” helmed by a great team. And it’s easy to get started, whether you’re knocking down pins at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas or managing your first band.