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You need industry savvy to book one-hundred cap clubs, 10,000-cap stadiums, and everything in between. Meet Drusky Entertainment, the independent Pittsburgh-based concert promoter that’s been doing just that since 2006. 

“We have a couple dozen venues that we’re solely booking and marketing, others that we’re co-promoting,” Marketing Manager Adam Valen tells ToneDen. Drusky puts on more than 500 shows a year at those venues, located across Pennsylvania and in surrounding markets like Morgantown, West Virginia and Youngstown, Ohio. 

When we spoke to Valen, he was busy helping with box office operation for a sold-out show. And that’s after his daily work as Marketing Manager, where he oversees all of Drusky’s paid digital marketing efforts. With a small staff, Valen manages announcements and on-sale campaigns, promotional and advertising opportunities, and handles ticket management for club show. No wonder he’s grateful that Eventbrite’s paid social advertising is powered by ToneDen. 

Dirty Heads at Highmark Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA. Photo Credit: Chris Uhren

“As somebody who’s juggling a lot of things at once,” Valen says, “ToneDen has definitely made my life a lot easier. Having the platform available with everything— from our email campaigns, which are already integrated with Mailchimp, to our event catalog, which is integrated with Eventbrite — it’s been a breath of fresh air.”

"As somebody who’s juggling a lot of things at once, ToneDen has definitely made my life a lot easier."

An Integration That‘s “Seamless”

For almost nine years, Valen has played an integral role in Drusky’s marketing. As a Sports, Arts, and Entertainment major at Pittsburgh’s Point Park University, he got a stint shadowing Drusky buyer and president Brian Drusky— and has been on staff ever since. 

“I’ve always been an avid live music fan,” Valen says. “I ended up finding a place shadowing [at Drusky] and that turned into an internship, which led to a marketing assistant role and that led to a marketing manager position.”

In his time at Drusky, Valen has seen the world of event marketing evolve. Back when he was an assistant, before he started using ToneDen, he’d spend hours scheduling Facebook announces and running grassroots marketing efforts. Today, though, as an Eventbrite client, Drusky Entertainment reaps the benefits of a ToneDen integration that couldn’t be any simpler to utilize. 

“There’s not really anything you need to do other than sync your Eventbrite account,” Valen says. “It’s pretty seamless.”

Eventbrite’s Paid Social Ads, powered by ToneDen, save Valen time and lighten his workload. “Integration between Eventbrite and ToneDen has — from an ad building perspective — streamlined everything immensely.”

The Trombone Shorty Announce Playbook

The Music Hall at the Carnegie Library of Homestead is one of the best-known libraries that Andrew Carnegie built (and he built more than 1,700 across the US). In addition to housing books and murals, today it’s a cornerstone of the community, hosting a variety of live events — like the Trombone Shorty concert put on by Drusky Entertainment. 

Valen used ToneDen’s Event Announce Playbook to announce the Trombone Shorty show, generate and measure ticket sales with event announcements, and grow the Facebook Messenger subscriber list. 

In the first phase of the Trombone Shorty Event Announce Playbook, ToneDen helped Drusky launch a Facebook ad campaign to promote the event. Valen spent just $78 to run a Facebook event announce campaign seen by more than 2,000 people. Targeting five distinct audiences — including fans of the Carnegie Library and fans of Trombone Shorty, as well — Drusky saw a 5.51% engagement rate and nearly $3,000 in revenue, a 38x return on ad spend

In the campaign’s second phase, Valen saw the benefits of smart retargeting. “I’ve been doing a lot of these Playbooks and Messenger campaigns,” he says. “We’ve been running a lot of event-based ads and trying to hammer down our remarketing audiences and get people to buy tickets. That’s been really helpful to hammer that audience down.” Fans that commented on the initial ad campaign automatically received Messenger notifications when tickets went on sale, and more than 50% of those fans opted-in for further Messenger communications. 

ToneDen is a game changer for Drusky. “The amount of retargeting that we can do and the amount of audiences that we can build because of ToneDen,” Valen says, "those audience platforms opened up the world.”

“ToneDen Is Really Crucial” 

Valen appreciates that tools like ToneDen are built into Eventbrite: after all, they’re what allow Drusky Entertainment to put on hundreds of shows. “We can reach the audience that we need. It’s a lot easier to spend that kind of money and see those results.”

Valen recommends ToneDen for busy people and for people who are getting their feet wet in the ad-building world. “The automation process has been great. It’s been so easy. Before it took me probably twenty minutes to build an effective ad campaign and measure my targeting. ToneDen is really crucial in automating my budgets, helping build audiences, running A/B testing.” 

Of course, Valen also appreciates the synchronicity between ToneDen and Eventbrite. “It has been super helpful having that catalog automated and using our pre-existing audiences as remarketing audiences. The access to so many different audiences here has helped us expand our reach.”

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