What do DJ Pauly D pool parties and world-class weddings have in common? They’re both by Center Stage Entertainment, the New Jersey-based events company that sources DJs, lighting techs, and photo booths — when they’re not assisting with nightlife marketing for Caesars Entertainment.

“Center Stage was founded back in the early nineties and became what it is today through our consulting agreement with Caesar’s Entertainment,” Center Stage’s Vice President Frank Catrambone tells ToneDen. “About ten years ago, our focus shifted and it led us to start a promotions company. We partnered with NIGHTOUT and that relationship has spring-boarded into us providing the ticketing for all the events at The Pool After Dark.”

Today, Center Stage Entertainment sells tens of thousands of tickets a year to the nightlife venue, a result of the company’s concerted effort to “get focused on event marketing and really build out what nightlife is today,” as Catrambone puts it.

DJ Pauly D at The Pool After Dark

With Nightlife Manager Todd Passarella, Catrambone oversees at least twelve events a month. Fortunately, the NIGHTOUT ticketing platform includes ToneDen. The functionality couldn’t be smoother, Passarella admits. 

“Through ToneDen, I was able to start making ads and copying templates and importing stuff directly imported from NIGHTOUT. It makes things so easy. You just click three buttons and then you’re done.”

“Honestly, Every Day I Check ToneDen”

Passarella, whose work revolves around promotions, marketing offers, and ticketing, works closely with Catrambone, who oversees Center Stage’s business operations and serves as lead consultant for Caesars Entertainment’s nightlife operations. A former DJ, Catrambone has been with Center Stage for two decades.

Catrambone started hearing good things about ToneDen a few years ago, but it wasn’t until the Center Stage and NIGHTOUT partnership that he found the platform newly in his toolbox. “When they approached us and said that they were going to ingrain ToneDen into their platform, we were super enthused and really excited to give it a try.” 

Migrating to ToneDen from Ads Manager was smooth. A few quick calls with ToneDen CMO Ali Shakeri, and Center Stage was ready to go. “We walked away with really good knowledge of what to do and different things to try. I liked it a lot more than the conference calls I get on where I spend two hours walking through a product and then at the end of it I’m not really sure what we even talked about.”

And Center Stage’s experience with ToneDen is still streamlined and straightforward. “We have lists and targets already premade,” Passarella says. “The remarketing is way easier and that’s basically the bread and butter of what we’re doing. Honestly, every day I check ToneDen.”

DEAs Make a Splash at The Pool After Dark 

Designing a marketing gameplan without retargeting is like showing up at The Pool After Dark without a swimsuit — it’s just going to be awkward. By staying in touch with the people who’ve visited your website or clicked on your event pages, you’re capitalizing on valuable connections. 

Those connections are especially important when, like Center Stage Entertainment, you’re advertising an entire calendar of events. That’s what happens with The Pool After Dark, aka #largestindoorpoolparty. Every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night, this Atlantic City nightclub swims with celebrities DJs and performers, including regular appearances by Jersey Shore superstar DJ Pauly D.  

Currently, Center Stage is using ToneDen’s Dynamic Event Ads (DEAs for short) to run a four-month remarketing campaign. Dynamic Event Ads allow event marketers to advertise an entire calendar of events with one single campaign. Relatively inexpensive (running their campaign costs Center Stage one dollar per day), Dynamic Event Ads remarket specific events to the fans who’ve expressed specific interest. In other words, if you’ve clicked on Epic Saturdays with Kevin Federline, you’ll see those ads until the event happens (or sells out). 

The campaign is still going, but the results just keep getting better. More than 4,500 fans have been reached by the ads and 70 of those fans made purchases. Center Stage’s $109 campaigned has yielded more than $2,800 in revenue — an almost 26x return on ad spend. 

A Must for Multiple Events

“If you’re scheduling events, at minimum two to three times a month, you absolutely need to be working with ToneDen,” Catrambone says. “Especially with DEA campaigns. There’s no way even the best social media specialist in the world is going to be able to track which ad you need to increase in, which ad you need to slow down, as quickly as ToneDen is able to do it.” 

The NIGHTOUT and ToneDen partnership benefits people who handle recurring events and also people looking to gain insight into their campaigns. “I get the ToneDen email every evening,” Passarella says. “I check how we’re doing with the different playbooks and the DEA campaigns. I’m following it regularly. I never did that with Ads Manager, but I like the daily updates. They keep you in touch.”

And being informed is just smart business. “Groups scheduling multiple events, recurring events,” Catrambone says, “not only can they not afford to not use ToneDen, they’re costing themselves money by not using it."

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