Alex Econs is the founder of Everpress, a platform for creatives, artists, and influencers to sell beautiful apparel and make profit with no upfront costs.

Alex and one of his clients, Mute Records, wanted to drive sales for their latest t-shirt campaign. They used ToneDen’s self-serve automated ad platform to create and run their Facebook ads.

Optimizing sales

Alex and Mute Records used ToneDen’s Audience Creator to target different audiences with potential buyers. ToneDen’s targeting engine helped build and test multiple audiences based on Mute Records’ Facebook likes and audiences with similar interests. By testing multiple audiences, ToneDen was able to help Alex quickly identify the perfect target audience to sell to.

Taking the Mute Records x Everpress campaign a step further, Alex utilized ToneDen’s Ad creation interface to input creative resources and optimize the best advertisements possible. ToneDen automatically tests every possible combination of creatives against each audience to ensure the best ad is being delivered.

Once the campaign began, proprietary algorithms automatically reallocated the budget to spend only on the audiences that led to t-shirt sales. This optimized the delivery of the ads by making sure the people most likely to buy on Facebook were the ones that saw the offer.

The 3-day campaign resulted in over 100 t-shirts sold and 17x Return on Ad Spend. For every dollar spent on the campaign, they made $17.

“Using ToneDen to optimize our online advertising has turned out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made this year. ToneDen’s tools help us target our ideal customers and sell products at a reduced cost. Not only do we get great results, but the savings we are seeing actually pay for the service itself.” — Alex Econs

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