Campaign Tagging
While campaign tagging has been available for a couple of months, we just added the ability to quickly tag ad campaigns from the campaigns dashboard and use tag sets to generate batch settlement reports👇

Batch Settlement Reports
You can now create reports for multiple campaigns and export them as one PDF 👇

Interest Audience Wizard
When creating a Facebook Interest Audience, you can automatically find similar interests with just a few clicks👇

Other Enhancements

  • Embed FanLinks anywhere across the web with our new FanLink Embed tool
  • New Facebook Audience that targets friends of people who like your page
  • Select multiple Eventbrite events when creating an audience of past event attendees
  • Edit the destination URL of your campaign after you set it live
  • Ability to search for audience sets
  • Optimization Insights that provide real-time information on how budget optimization is working to improve your campaign's performance
  • Upgrades to your Campaign Logs that display more updates on any changes made to your campaign

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