Check out this new set of updates we've launched recently!

BigLinks (Beta)

Create a mobile-first landing page to quickly link visitors to multiple webpages. Include as many link buttons as you'd like!

Multiple Source Audiences for Page Likes Lookalike, Page Engagers & Lookalike of Page Engagers for Facebook & Instagram

For Lookalike of Page Likes, Page Engagers, and Lookalike of Page Engagers audience types you can now select as many pages as you'd like to build your audience (previously limited to just 1 page).

New Creative Customization Interface

A complete new interface for customizing your ad creatives, with the ability to choose an image or video per platform, a new cropping tool, and helpful tips to know if your assets fit the right requirements across Facebook and Instagram.

Consolidated Facebook Interest Targeting

No more need to think about whether something falls into the Interests, Demographics, or Behaviors category—search through all of them at once to find what you want to target and let us do the rest!

Enhanced Notification Options & Batched Email Reports for Users with Multiple Live Ad Campaigns

Better, more granular control of notification settings from your account profile. Also, daily reports for multiple active campaigns will now be all together in a single email.

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