If you haven’t logged on in a few weeks, it’s okay! Here’s a look at all the releases (big and small) that we've shipped recently:

Spotify Growth Playbook

For as little as $5/day, artists can quickly double their Spotify streams and followers by tapping into Spotify’s global audience through Instagram Stories. And it doesn’t require you to have a connection on Spotify’s Editorial Team. 😉


Spotify Growth Playbook Design Studio

Our new design studio for the Spotify Growth Playbook is here! Upon selecting an artist, quickly generate a customized Instagram Story design from the artist's images or videos on Spotify. Easily change design templates, upload different images/video, and modify text. 👇🏼

Pre-Save to FanLink Playbook
Previously, ToneDen’s Pre-Saves and FanLinks were separate campaigns. Today, we’ve combined them into a single automated campaign. For pre-release, drive fans to Pre-Save your music on either Spotify or Apple Music. Then, when your release drops, our system will automatically scan for your release on other platforms and transition your landing page into a standard music FanLink. One URL for the entire release cycle—no more creating separate campaigns or updating FanLinks on your big day! 👇🏼


Canva Design Studio
All the power of Canva, now in ToneDen. Canva is a simple drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million templates, graphic elements, and fonts. Advertisers can access all of the design features of Canva without ever leaving the campaign creation page. 👇🏼

New Calendar
You may have noticed that your dashboard got a makeover! Introducing Calendar—a birds eye view of all your past, present, and future campaigns. Create or manage any campaigns from inside your calendar! 👇🏼

Twitch Integration
Creating a social unlock? Now you have the option to offer Follow on Twitch. A user automatically follows you on Twitch in return for exclusive access to a download or private link. 👇🏼

Option to Add Email Subscribe to FanLinks & Social Unlocks
Creating a FanLink or Unlock campaign? Now you can include a general email sign-up to collect fan emails. Grow your subscriber list and gain new fans! *This feature is available on paid plans only. 👇🏼

FanLink Filtering
You can now filter FanLinks by type! Easily filter and access any FanLink in your campaign dashboard. (ie Music, Tour, Podcast, Fundraiser, etc.) 👇�

Quick Link Shorteners
ShortLinks are a simple pass-through link shortener for your FanLinks and take just seconds to set up! ShortLinks track click data and allow you to easily retarget past fans.

GoFundMe Playbook

To aid our live events community, we built a free crowdfunding tool that helps you find the right donors for GoFundMe campaigns. Tracking results is easy with the reporting dashboard and setup takes just minutes.


Fundraiser FanLink

Following up on the release of our GoFundMe Playbook, we now offer FanLinks for fundraisers! Create a landing page and SmartLink for a fundraising campaign. Preview how much money you’ve currently raised alongside your fundraising goal. 👇🏼

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