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Select Multiple Spotify Artists to Generate Interests
We've now made it easy to select multiple artists on Spotify to target multiple audience interests👇

Image Customization for DEA Product Catalogs
You can now easily modify the image associated with an event in your DEA product catalog👇

Audience Exclusion
We've improved the ability to exclude locations, custom audiences, or interests 👇

Your Best Ads
See which ads are performing the best for each audience. Your ad rating meter now measures the impact of each ad toward your campaign goal 👇

Improved Pre-Save Button Integration with FanLinks
When a user chooses to include a pre-save social unlock in their FanLink, they now mimic the style of FanLinks.​

Other Enhancements

• Mixcloud & Bandcamp now available on FanLink services

• Don't want to use a background image for your BigLink? You can now select a background color option instead.  

• Ability to add Neighborhoods as a targeting option

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