We’ve been busy. Check out the new updates we've shipped recently:

Improved Audience Builder

If you’re a ToneDen regular, you may've noticed our updated Audience Builder. With a sleek new interface, it’s easier than ever to build and modify your target audience sets. 👇

Refer-a-Friend Viral Contesting

We have a new look for contests. Refer-a-friend viral contesting prompts entrants to share your campaign along with other social actions to score bonus points (i.e. sharing, subscribing, following, or saving tracks) to up their odds of winning. When users refer-a-friend, we'll email them a referral link. 👇

Introducing Google Ads (BETA)

First, target keywords (i.e. [venue] or [event name]). Then, bid on those keywords. Finally, create ads with a link to your website or ticketing page that appear when people type your keywords in Google. Coupled with Facebook Advertising, Google Ads yield impressive results—boosting atten
dance and increasing sales. Available for select users.

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New Automated Audience Generation (BETA)

A new version of our audience generation, this update automatically analyzes all of your past audiences and categorizes them to create a recommended audience set based on the audience's size, quality of data, and past performance. Rolling out to select users.

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