If you’re obsessing over your YouTube analytics right now, you’re probably also monitoring your Instagram followers–and honing your Spotify promotion skills, too. Maybe you want to know how to make money on YouTube. Maybe you’re aiming to increase your Instagram likes. Musician or podcaster, you’re definitely chasing those Spotify followers. 

We’re in the midst of a “shift toward creation, not just consumption,” James Currier points out on a recent episode of The NFX podcast. For creators of all stripes, this means it’s more important than ever to prioritize growth.

Growth–growing fans, followers, likes, and streams–is the key to monetizing passion. And these days, growth is happening almost exclusively online. The digital takeover is happening at lightning speed. Spotify has seen monthly active users and subscribers soar 31% in the first quarter of 2020. Adults are watching YouTube more each month than any one TV channel. On Instagram, 500 million users post Stories every day. 

Subscribers, followers, streams: fans are far more than ego boosts. They’re testaments to your brand’s unique value. With the music industry’s revenue projected to double by 2030, and digital and live stream reshaping our day-to-day lives, competition for loyal viewers and listeners is cutthroat. 

Regardless of the channel you’re on, fan engagement is crucial. Whether you’re a rapper, a yoga teacher, a makeup guru, or a life coach, it’s time to get serious about subscriber counts and Instagram followers. It’s time to step up your YouTube marketing. To get real Instagram followers. To tap into Spotify’s global network. 

And now, with ToneDen’s new Growth Suite, popularizing your content is easier than ever. 

Introducing ToneDen’s Growth Suite

ToneDen’s Growth Suite leverages Instagram Story Ads to grow your fanbase. Why only Stories? We’ve found that Story Ads have a higher conversion rate than Feed Ads. With their seamless ‘Swipe Up’ transition, Story Ads offer an immersive experience perfect for driving traffic to your Spotify, YouTube, or Instagram channel. 

With Playbooks to promote growth on YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify, ToneDen’s Growth Suite is a digital marketing trifecta for artists. 

→ Launch YouTube Growth Playbook

The YouTube Growth Playbook takes you beyond YouTube analytics and gives you access to a true YouTube masterclass of marketing. For as little as $5/day, you’ll gain views and subscribers on your YouTube videos and channels. With the increased visibility and demand for your content, you’re closer than ever to having your videos Recommended–and viewed more than ever! 

→ Launch Instagram Growth Playbook

With the Instagram Growth Playbook, forget faking it: no more trying to buy Instagram followers. For as little as $5/day, you’ll cultivate real Instagram followers who are loyal to you and your brand.  

→ Launch Spotify Growth Playbook

The Spotify Growth Playbook makes your Spotify promotion an instant chart-topper. Quadruple your followers for $5/day, get listens around the world, and see your tracks make editorial and algorithmic playlists. It’s the fastest way to get on Spotify playlists without paying Submithub or other playola services. 

Growing shouldn’t be painful. Put marketing your creative on autopilot so you can get back in the studio and keep making. 

The Growth Suite is a premium feature that includes all three Playbooks for Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram. Add to any base plan for an additional $50/month. Want to give it a few spins first? No worries, we offer a 7-day free trial!

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