Enter the world of 1767 Designs and you’ll see charred wood commingling with shimmering brass and white lath. While their wall art and furniture marry Art Deco and Southwestern motifs, 1767 Design is a Nashville original that’s principles are firmly rooted in the present. The bespoke woodworking company has found Instagram growth to be key in expanding their brand and supporting its sustainable mission. 

“1767 is a woodworking company dedicated to honoring Nashville’s historic architecture by reimagining wood reclaimed from its historic homes,” says Mike Poorman, Director of Operations at 1767 Designs. “We make artwork and furniture from torn-down homes.” 

Made in and from Nashville, 1767 Designs was founded in 2014, when the demolition of a historic home inspired founder Patrick Hayes to salvage the cast-aside wood. Today, the company has expanded to include a team of master woodworkers, crafting singular, geometric designs in an East Nashville studio. They’ve reclaimed materials from more than 75 homes, along the way establishing themselves as a major name in the rustic chic design space. (They count Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma among their clients.)

For creators like 1767 Designs, where brand is synonymous with aesthetic, creating a community of real Instagram followers is crucial to marketing and growth. That’s why 1767 turned to ToneDen by Eventbrite. He recommends the Instagram Growth Playbook to “anyone looking to grow their audience and target those new, engaged followers in the future.”

A Way to Attract Real Instagram Followers

The Instagram Growth Playbook, part of ToneDen by Eventbrite’s Social Growth Suite, empowers creators to take social marketing into their own hands. It’s no secret that Instagram is the reigning form of social media: 1 billion people use Instagram every month and 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. 

Prior to using ToneDen by Eventbrite, 1767 Designs worked with an outside agency. But the ability to target fans on social media—specifically on Instagram—remained out of reach.

Using the Instagram Growth Suite was a test, a way to attract real Instagram followers who loyally engage with your posts. Says Poorman: “This was one of our first ‘hands on,’ in-house campaigns in a number of years, and really the first to focus on growing our followers on Instagram solely.”

Just $.02 Per Follower

With the Instagram Growth Playbook, 1767 Designs leveraged the power of Instagram Stories to attract interested fans directly to their profile page. The Stories ads, which showcased 1767’s striking designs, used a call to action to move potential fans to the woodworking company’s Instagram profile. From there, IG users who liked what they saw could follow 1767 Designs–and engage. 

That’s exactly what happened. Spending only $77, 1767 Designs acquired nearly 4,000 new Instagram followers at the cost of just $.02 per follower.

Instagram Growth Playbook Insights

This kind of growth is a win-win. 1767 Designs engages with new fans; design aficionados find new inspiration. Add in the power of compelling, personalized content, and you have a recipe for Instagram growth success, thanks, in part, to the Growth Playbook.

“It’s helped us really be able to target and find the right followers,” says Poorman. “Features like BigLinks have helped us re-target our Instagram followers easily.”

“Great” for Growth and Targeting 

While 1767 Designs may create original art and one-of-a-kind furniture, their success with the Instagram Growth Playbook is replicable by any creator looking to grow and better target fans. 

“Anyone looking to grow their audience and target those new, engaged followers in the future.”

That’s why Poorman recommends ToneDen by Eventbrite’s Streaming + Social Growth Suite. “The product really speaks for itself. The ease of use, the UI, the simplicity of understanding how to target, the one-on-one help … it’s just all around a great deal for anyone wanting to grow their business, target the right customers/followers and maintain a strong brand presence online.”

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