Racking up Instagram followers is the name of the game for influencers, creators, brands—pretty much anyone crafting a brand today. That’s what BeerFest Australia’s latest marketing initiative was aimed at. 

“BeerFest Australia is Australia's largest beer festival audience,” James Harding, Festival Director, tells ToneDen. “We started with one event in one location and have grown to over seven festivals in seven locations.”

Founded in 2011 in Tasmania, BeerFest has expanded to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, and Australian Capital Territory. With such a vast geographic reach, it’s easy to see why focusing on Instagram likes and followers—dedicated fans of the BeerFest brand, regardless of location—is a key part of their marketing strategy.

As Festival Director, Harding is busy “from conception to completion of the event.”  He handles locations, hiring staff, coordinating with police and security—and marketing, too. “The festival experience offers something for everyone,” says Harding, whether your drink is lager or lambrusco. In addition to the libations, festival goers enjoy live music and comedy, plenty of booze-buffering snacks, plus meet-and-greets with Brewers and Chefs.”

Harding admits that, prior to using ToneDen, he found digital advertising frustrating and, at times, difficult to make sense of. Fortunately, an introduction through Eventbrite changed that. Today he counts the “daily reporting on each campaign” as one of his favourite features, especially when that reporting comes with the sort of results he saw on a remarketing campaign last year that netted BeerFest a 27x return on investment. 

Whether you’re selling tickets or adding fans, ToneDen’s power to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing is unparalleled.

BeerFest turned to ToneDen to help them connect new and pre-existing fans with their brand’s Instagram profile. With ToneDen’s new Instagram Growth Playbook, Harding saw BeerFest add hundreds of real Instagram followers—and develop a unique digital strategy. “Every day I use the platform I have an "aha" moment,” says Harding. “I am learning something new every day and I am loving it!”

The Fastest, Simplest Way to Grow on Instagram

With live events on hiatus due to the pandemic, Harding decided to get proactive and work on brand development. His tool of choice? ToneDen’s Instagram Growth Playbook.

70% average increase in followers. 4x average increase in likes & views. ToneDen’s Instagram Growth Playbook yields staggering results for influencers, creators, and brands who want to maximize the power of one of the most used social media platforms in the world. 

The Instagram Growth Playbook, part of ToneDen’s Growth Suite, uses the power of Instagram Story ads to draw users to your profile. When it’s as simple as swiping up, why would you waste your time buying Instagram followers or bots? 

This summer, BeerFest Australia used the Instagram Growth Playbook to target fans of festivals and music festivals. The ad—a video clip of BeerFest attendees enjoying cold brews against a backdrop of palm trees and mountains—encouraged viewers to swipe up to follow @beerfestau on Instagram.

Harding ran the playbook for a month. Spending less than A$150, he watched BeerFest Australia add more than 330 Instagram followers. The breakdown? Less than A$0.44 for loyal, real followers—meaning real likes, real comments, and real reshares. 

"Highly Recommend ToneDen"

Whether you’re on-cycle or off-cycle, running the Instagram Growth Playbook is the fastest, simplest way to build a brand with a seriously loyal following.

Harding touts ToneDen for its results and its reporting. Whether you’re selling tickets or adding fans, ToneDen’s power to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing is unparalleled.

“If you are passionate about online sales and have previously been frustrated by the lack of insight or reporting from your previous or current digital marketing agency/platform,” says Harding, “then I can highly recommend ToneDen.”

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