Janice Renée is the Show Marketer for Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, a premier entertainment venue that combines live performances and bowling.

Janice needed to find the best way to reach fans for Brooklyn Bowl’s upcoming performances. She teamed up with us to drive awareness and ticket sales by setting up an ad campaign to run for a few days after her next on-sale announcement. This resulted in spreading awareness to tens of thousands fans in the area and a 77.5x return on ad spend.

Maximizing your marketing dollars

When spending your marketing dollars, the last thing you want to be doing is advertising to one target audience. Making this mistake can be costly. By advertising your event to only one audience, you risk missing out ticket sales in other areas.

By using ToneDen, Janice was able to combined data from multiple sources while generating multiple high-quality target audiences for her ‘A Day to Remember’ show announcement. Marketing the show to distinct segments of people increased her opportunities for ticket sales.

ToneDen provides a snapshot of creative results to help marketers identify the ad that ticket buyers find most engaging.

Delivering to fans likely to purchase

When creating her ad campaign on ToneDen, Janice selected the goal she wanted to optimize toward. By selecting her ‘Purchase’ event, optimization algorithms helped Janice target people on Facebook that were most likely to purchase the tickets.

As the campaign delivered, ToneDen was able to tune Facebook’s targeting to focus on audiences that converted. Poor performing target audiences were automatically turned off and her ad spend was reallocated to audiences producing the most ticket sales.

Driving awareness and sales

The Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, paired with advanced targeting options and automatic budget optimization, successfully drove awareness to tens of thousands fans in the area and generated a 77.5x return on ad spend.

Now, Janice easily creates successful social ads for all of the upcoming performances at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas.

“This user-friendly platform has streamlined the entire process of ad-buying, all while comparing and testing multiple campaigns at once. Due to their detailed analytics, we’re confident that our ads are reaching their prime audience, no matter what type of show we have at The Bowl. This has directly translated to increased sales and brand awareness. Their team is fantastic, and are always readily available to assist with any support questions. Thanks, ToneDen!” — Janice Wendel, Show Marketer, Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

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