For rising pop singer Chloe Gilligan, success on Spotify is all part of the plan. The Nashville songwriter—think Lennon Stella meets Halsey meets classic Taylor Swift—knows the stakes are high for any artist preparing to drop a new EP. Growing followers, getting more streams, and landing on Spotify’s editorial playlists is crucial for Chloe, especially as her sound is evolving. 

“‘Still With You’ (released on 5/28) marked the beginning of a new chapter for Chloe,” manager Zach Zimmerman tells ToneDen. “[She’s] moving from bedroom/lo-fi pop to bigger pop sounds.” Chloe will release singles that get increasingly uptempo before the lead single coincides with the EP’s fall drop. 

“Expect an anthem.” says Zimmerman, “Everyone will be singing along and making TikToks – but feedback we’ve received on the song already indicates that the song will stand the test of time (beyond social media fads) and be one of Chloe’s crown jewels in her catalog.” 

“I’ve always wanted to make pop music with rich and dreamy sound and lyrics that tell my own stories. I’ve already been so overwhelmed with the support ‘Still With You’ received, and I'm so excited to continue releasing songs over the course of this year!” – Chloe Gilligan

Capturing streams and listeners at this moment in Chloe’s career is crucial. With a network of more than 180 million listeners, Spotify’s platform is the launchpad for artists about to break out. That’s why Zimmerman turned to ToneDen. 

“After seeing other heavyweights in the industry see success from ToneDen, it was a no brainer for us to get involved and leverage the platform for our artists. After only a few months, we’ve seen incredible growth and engagement across Spotify and Instagram, thanks to ToneDen.”

The tool behind that growth and engagement? ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook. 

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with ToneDen

Before adopting ToneDen, Zimmerman attempted to promote his artists on Facebook’s Business Manager. “The interface is not for the faint of heart,” he says. Third-party agencies and services weren’t much better: “expensive and setup intensive.” Plus, the data he obtained didn’t yield clear conclusions. 

ToneDen, he admits, “was a breath of fresh air. We saw immediate efficiency in running the ads through ToneDen—one campaign yielded thousands of new Spotify followers in weeks, with a cost per follower of less than $0.15. That was a huge moment for us.” 

Now, the days of attempting to decode data are behind him. “ToneDen’s UI and clear reporting allows us to quickly and effectively monitor response to creative, engagement metrics, and geographic hotspots that can unlock growth opportunities for our artists.” 

Two Editorial Playlists plus 1300 Spotify Followers

The Spotify ecosystem is rich with those growth opportunities, and with ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, Zimmerman found it easy to seize those opportunities for Chloe Gilligan.

He used the Playbook to promote Chloe’s single “Still With You” in May and June. Simple to set-up, the campaign ran on Instagram Stories, where users encountered dreamy creative advertising Chloe’s single and a simple swipe-up to take them to her Spotify artist’s page.

“We picked the audience of similar artists to Chloe that we wanted to target, we uploaded our Instagram Stories creative, and simply pressed play. From there, we receive a daily email that keeps us posted on the progress.”

The progress for Chloe Gilligan looks like "Still With You" being featured on two editorial playlists: Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Pop for over 4 weeks, playlists that reach a combined 800k followers. In addition, Chloe added 1340 Spotify followers, at a cost of just $0.72 a follower. 

“To date,” Zimmerman says, “this is the most effective digital marketing platform that we’ve utilized for our artists. The only comparable growth we’ve seen is directly correlated to brand partnerships and major press wins—the rest is ToneDen.”

Driving Follower Growth for the Long Run

With Spotify paying more and more attention to an artist’s followers, growth is a critical task for all artists. And Zimmerman believes that new and established artists “looking to add fuel to the fire of their Spotify growth efforts could benefit from ToneDen.” 

“To date, this is the most effective digital marketing platform that we’ve utilized for our artists."

Chloe Gilligan’s results show how the Spotify Growth Playbook can make the seemingly impossible possible: taking control of your Spotify success. “Followers are the new hero metric for Spotify’s Editorial team,” Zimmerman advises. “It’s critical that you invest in an evergreen campaign to drive follower growth for the long run. Consider investing $10-$20 a day for a few months and watch the numbers and watch the creative … You’ll thank me, and ToneDen, later.” 

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