Jose Santos is the co-founder of BoogieMADE, an e-commerce store known for their premier streetwear brand and deep roots in the EDM community.

Jose wanted to drive sales for their popular ‘ill behavior’ tee shirt and use Facebook advertising to do it.

Target people most likely to purchase

Jose used ToneDen’s ad platform to create and run an optimized Facebook conversion campaign in minutes.

ToneDen’s automated optimization technology helped Jose make sure that his ads were targeting people on Facebook that were most likely to purchase the t-shirt. ToneDen was able to tune Facebook’s targeting to focus on audiences that actually converted.

With this, Jose ensured that every marketing dollar was spent to target the right people instead of wasting money on those unlikely to buy.

The single campaign resulted in over 300+ purchases, 6X return on ad spend, and tens of thousands in new revenue.

“We were able to build a professional advertising program from scratch after using ToneDen’s ad platform. We’re now able to optimize our Facebook advertising campaigns and understand how our marketing dollars are moving product and building our brand.” — Jose Santos

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