Whether you’re an artist or a record label, you understand the value of Spotify promotion. With ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, Mom+Pop Music found the value promised and delivered. An independent record label founded in 2008 by Michael Goldstone, Mom + Pop has represented some of the most singular talents of the last decade: think Courtney Barnett, Sleigh Bells, Flume. Now, add to that class Evann McIntosh, a “WIYULD” child who is making waves.  

To amplify McIntosh’s awesome organic fanbase in conjunction with the release of her new single “WIYULD,” Lindsay Schapiro, VP of Digital, used ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook to run McIntosh’s campaigns. 

The move was a game changer, both for McIntosh and Mom + Pop. As Schapiro tells us, “Streams come and go as tracks age and editorial playlists refresh but 'the follow' continues to deliver.”

Strategy Meets Creativity 

Mom + Pop has been using ToneDen for years. Starting with the contesting capabilities, they’ve recently begun utilizing FanLinks and playbook campaigns. 

Playbook campaigns—namely the Spotify Growth Playbook—have allowed the team to bring a bulletproof strategy to the creativity that drives their campaigns: integrating streaming platforms (like Spotify) with contesting and other data acquisition tools. 

What makes ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook so important for growth? It helps to understand the Spotify Popularity Index.

In brief, artist popularity on Spotify is determined by the number of recent streams an artist has gotten across multiple tracks and their catalog. When running a campaign for an artist looking to grow in popularity (and, in turn, see more success getting onto algorithmic playlists), potential fans need to be directed to an artist’s Spotify profile. 

And that’s exactly what ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook does. 

Evann McIntosh Vs. Dried Worms  

If you want to get a feel for Evann McIntosh, look no further than her call to action: “Go listen to my song or eat dried worms.” The alterna-punk sixteen-year-old recorded her first album using GarageBand, drawing the attention of fans young and old.

Mom + Pop used ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook to help advertise McIntosh’s new track—and build her Spotify followers. An Instagram Stories campaign that sent targeted individuals to McIntosh’s Spotify artist page. From there, it was easy for them to stream “WIYULD.” In theory, once they streamed the track, it was only a matter of time before they followed McIntosh.

In theory and in practice. Schapiro tells ToneDen that the “playbook campaign helped show us the growth of followers … we were able to compare that against our benchmark prior to the campaign.” 

Spotify Growth Playbook Campaign Insights

What did everyone discover? That in just two weeks, McIntosh had tripled her average weekly Spotify follower growth. She added more than 6,850 followers (for only a dime per follow). 

Level Up

Whether you’re ready to grow followers and get playlisted (or get in Big Head Mode), ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is the easiest way for labels to take their artist’s digital marketing game to the next level. 

“Streams come and go as tracks age and editorial playlists refresh but 'the follow' continues to deliver.”

Mom + Pop Music concurs. Schapiro believes the playbook is perfect for “developing artists looking to grow their organic audience after over-indexing on engagement via playlististing.” 

But she’d recommend ToneDen even more widely than that. Really, she believes, it’s a powerful tool for “those who have a strong creative asset and a desire to grow followers.”

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