DJay Brawner is the Managing Partner for Freecast, a media company focused on wireless video transmission and live streaming.

DJay came across ToneDen because he was looking to reach his goal of raising $50,000 on Kickstarter in just 30 days. Here we’ll explore the digital marketing strategy that helped DJay leverage remarketing data to reach his Kickstarter goal.

Rapidly acquiring new potential customers

To gear up for his Kickstarter launch, DJay created a contest for people who visit his website. He used Lasso, ToneDen’s website widget, to host the contest. When a visitor clicked on the Lasso widget, they found the contest created by DJay.

Visitors entered the contest via Facebook, and DJay received access to the name and contact information of all entrants.

Then, entrants were incentivized to share the contest on Facebook to increase their chances of winning. This helped spread the word about the contest and Djay’s Kickstarter campaign.

Finding and converting ideal customers

With Lasso, DJay captured valuable information on people interested in his product. ToneDen’s automated advertising platform helped him leverage this data to run Facebook & Instagram ads.

DJay split tested different audiences in ToneDen’s ad platform. By doing so, he leveraged distinct data sources and determined the best performing audience for his Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

With ToneDen’s budget optimization, his ad spend was automatically reallocated to the audience driving the most traffic. These ad campaigns drove thousands of camera and video enthusiasts to DJay’s Kickstarter page.

Fully Funded

By using ToneDen’s Lasso and Automated Advertising, DJay’s ad campaigns reached over 300,000 people online. The Freecast Kickstarter campaign exceeded its goal and raised over $58,000 in just 30 days.

“ToneDen’s Lasso widget has helped us run amazing promotions that give us a lot of rich information on who our customers really are. It’s a simple solution to one of our most demanding marketing needs.” — DJay Brawner, Managing Partner

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