Sydney Fong is a Marketing Manager at Goldenvoice, an event promotion company known for producing the critically acclaimed Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Stagecoach Country Music Festival.

The Goldenvoice team came to us to learn how ToneDen’s optimization engine could improve their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. The result was a streamlined process that enables the team to maximize their digital marketing efforts.

Optimize your campaigns in less time

Instead of being forced to create every ad one-by-one, a process that can take up to 8 hours each week, Sydney decided to use ToneDen to streamline their creation process and automatically monitor each campaign’s performance.

By inputting her creative options in ToneDen’s ad platform, Sydney automatically generated different creative combinations for each audience in minutes.

The data-driven approach

Sydney leveraged ToneDen’s automated lookalike modeling to create a powerful Facebook and Instagram targeting strategy.

Using ToneDen’s Audience Designer, she created lookalike audiences sourced from artists’ most dedicated fans. Proprietary algorithms combined with Facebook data developed effective audiences that drove ticket sales for every campaign.

Better performance through automation

With ToneDen’s automated budget optimization engine, Sydney doesn’t have to constantly monitor her campaigns. Our algorithms continuously maximize the efficiency of her digital ad spend.

ToneDen’s software automatically reallocates more ad spend toward the best performing audiences. This insures that your campaign is only spending on audiences that are bringing in sales.


By using ToneDen, Sydney and the Goldenvoice team set up advanced marketing campaigns in minutes. They targeted the exact audiences needed to drive more awareness and ticket sales while making the most of their ad spend.

“ToneDen has allowed us to expand our Facebook and Instagram advertising to new audiences with their lookalike segmentation, and we have saved time with their auto-optimization and ability to accommodate several creative combinations. We believe that ToneDen has allowed us to maximize the efficiency of our digital spends which result in increased ticket sales and higher audience engagement.”— Sydney Fong, Marketing Manager

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