Spotify promotion is huge for any musical artist in today’s booming creator economy. If you want to learn how to get more followers on Spotify or how to drive your Spotify monthly listeners—in other words, if you want to stand out on Spotify—you’re going to need a game plan. At the end of 2019, Spotify showcased more than 1.2 million artists. Lanova is one of them, and since using ToneDen he’s seen his following on the world’s largest streaming platform skyrocket.

“I've been an electronic music lover since I was really young,” Lanova tells ToneDen. “After watching some of my favourite artists performing I thought ‘this is my passion, why don't I create my own music?’, so in 2018 I started producing and in the beginning of 2019 I had my first gigs.”

Leaving a career in design, Lanova made the move: He decided to pursue his art full-time, “to my biggest dream—of becoming someone who does something that inspires others, makes others happy, and makes them feel powerful. That's my main purpose when I create music.”

Pursuing your passion with that kind of drive and dedication takes time, but so does building a fanbase. That’s why Lanova turned to ToneDen. “In terms of getting a loyal audience,” he says, “I’ve never tried anything better.”

Building a Fanbase with ToneDen

When Lanova got involved with ToneDen, his Spotify profile was still in a fledgling stage. It makes sense. New to the music industry, he found himself searching for the contacts and connections that would help his listenership soar. 

Some research into growing on Spotify alerted him to the issues with fake listeners and purchased followers (tl;dr: Spotify doesn’t sanction them and even penalizes artists who utilize them). Lanova knew his growth had to be real and scalable. 

“I didn't want any fake listeners because that's not what will make me succeed in my dream,” he says. “Then I found ToneDen and it seemed like it was something reliable, and I was right.” 

Though he began with only thirty Spotify followers, Lanova’s stats quickly changed when he began using ToneDen. “I noticed that right on my first campaign … not only I was getting more listeners but ... [they were] people that really wanted to listen to my music, making them my followers and not just someone listening one time.”

And with its Spotify Growth Playbook, ToneDen has proven to be an effective and eye-opening marketing solution for Lanova. As he puts it: “I was blind about how to get to my audience!”

Over 700+ New Spotify followers in Less Than One Month

ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook helps artists grow their followers on Spotify and gain placement on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists. Forget pay-for-play playlisting services that get artists into hot water with Spotify. For as little as $5, artists on- and off-cycle can see their followers quadruple.

Or, in the case of Lanova, grow by 45x!

Lanova used the Spotify Growth Playbook to run a campaign around his latest track, “Thousand Wishes,” in July. Here’s how it worked: Fans of electronic music a la Lanova saw an ad to check out his track on Spotify. The ad—a simple Instagram Stories clip, featuring Lanova’s animated creative—sent anyone who swiped up straight to Lanova’s Spotify artist profile. From there, listeners could save the track to their library, listen to it, and, most importantly, follow Lanova.

Spotify Growth Campaign Insights

The results? Astronomical success isn’t an overstatement. Lanova added 764 followers in less than a month, at a cost of just €0.39 a follower. Every one of those followers ups an artist’s chances of landing on one of Spotify’s algorithmic playlists, a key step in building a loyal fanbase—and catching a major label’s attention. As Lanova puts it, “ToneDen helped me target the right people to listen to my music.” 

Spotify Growth Audience Targeting

Getting Your Music to the Right People

The Spotify Growth Playbook is perfect for anyone like Lanova: an artist pursuing their passion who’s looking to professionalize—without taking away time from their practice. And ToneDen has more that Lanova recommends to other artists, including the Pre-Save link: “It's the best I found in terms of UX & UI.”

While marketing used to look like “praying and [waiting] for results,” Lanova’s Spotify promotion game has changed all that. With ToneDen, “now I feel more organized and safe about my goals.”

“ToneDen helped me target the right people to listen to my music.” 

Overall, Lanova is hooked on ToneDen’s tools. “I would recommend ToneDen's Spotify Growth Playbook to anyone who wants to make their loyal audience bigger. ToneDen knows how to get our content to the right people.”

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