Y2 is the Director of Marketing for the DoLaB, a globally renowned production company known for Lightning in a Bottle Festival (LIB).

He came to us to learn more about driving ticket sales for LIB with a fixed budget. His goal was to reduce the cost of selling a multi-day pass to the festival. The result was a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that sold over 200 tickets directly, achieved a 30X return on ad spend, and a 35% reduction in customer acquisition costs.

One of the fastest ways to reduce your acquisition costs is by including multiple ad sets in your campaigns. This helps determine which audiences drive the best cost per sale.

Doing this process manually is time-consuming and leaves a lot of room for human error, especially when dealing with multiple events & campaigns. ToneDen has streamlined this process and has made it easier than ever to identify cost-effective audiences with less work.

Engaging Audiences

Instead of marketing the festival to one audience whose disparate interests may or may not drive sales, Y2 increased his odds of success by marketing to 4 unique segments of festival fans.

By utilizing ToneDen’s ad technology, Y2 quickly split test different target audiences and automatically reallocated his advertising budget toward the most effective audience. This maximized his marketing budget by reaching more customers at a lower cost and selling more multi-day passes.

Creative & Production

Taking his campaign a step further, ToneDen helped him identify the ads that ticket buyers found most engaging.

ToneDen automatically delivered the ad that converted ticket buyers the best by automatically testing every possible combination of image, text, and call to action that he included.

Driving Sales

Y2 was able to drive high returns within his campaign by utilizing retargeting data. He created an audience targeting specific individuals who began the checkout process, but did not complete a purchase.

Then, he uploaded different variations of image-related content to his campaigns to provide “on the fence” visitors with a different view of the festival.

Results & KPIs

By using ToneDen, Y2 quickly created awareness about the event by reaching 107,148 people with his ads. His campaign resulted in a 30x return on ad spend and tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

“ToneDen’s streamlined process for creating automated A/B testing campaigns lets our team spend much less time on optimization. Because of this we’ve been able to test more ad creative against more audiences than ever before, which has been great for our ROI. Highly recommended!” — Y2, Director of Marketing

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