Annisha is a marketing director at Nederlander, an event production company that’s been organizing Broadway shows and music concerts for more than 100 years.

Annisha came to us to learn how ad technology could drive more awareness and ticket sales for Nederlander concerts and events. Her goal was slimming down the time spent creating and monitoring ad campaigns while improving them. The outcome was a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that resulted in a 17.7x return on ad spend with over 7 hours saved.

Find and convert the perfect ticket buyers

Annisha used ToneDen’s Audience Builder to leverage different data sources and split test different target audiences. She choose from a variety of data sources and formulas to craft audiences best aligned with her campaign.

Annisha served her ads to people interested in her event by leveraging different platforms along with social media behavior.

Ultimately, she saved 7 hours of manual budget reallocation in Facebook ads manager with ToneDen’s automated optimization. Not only did this save her time, it also generated a higher return on ad spend because she was only delivering her ads to audiences that were purchasing tickets.

Filling The Seats

After successfully using A/B testing both at the audience and creative level, Annisha received more than a 17x return on ad spend for this campaign. Reaching 46,927 people, she quickly created awareness about the event and generated thousands of dollars in ticket sales.

Due to the high number of shows that Annisha is responsible for, she no longer has the time to take care of this manual optimization by herself. With ToneDen, her campaigns can be run automatically, without any daily check-ins.

“Working with ToneDen has been an advertiser’s dream. For someone who has personally spent more than their fair share in Facebook’s Ad Manager, I can say ToneDen’s platform is much simpler, cleaner and flows seamlessly. Not to mention having my own ToneDen rep there to review and answer all my questions has made my campaigns perform more successfully and helped us generate more revenue than ever before.” — Annisha Hinkle, Marketing Director, Nederlander

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