Cyril Bitar is the founder of an event promotion company called Underrated Presents.

Underrated is known for their notorious quarterly events, such as Minimal Effort, where they offer a haven for dance music enthusiasts and get world-class DJs to perform.

How Minimal Effort Used A/B Testing to Increase Ticket Sales

A/B testing is a method for determining the best promotional and marketing strategies. By using controlled tests, A/B testing simultaneously runs multiple variants of a marketing campaign and gathers data to determine the most effective characteristics. Most marketers don’t use A/B testing because of the massive amount of time it takes to create different target audiences and creatives.

ToneDen’s ad platform makes A/B testing quick and simple. Marketers can instantaneously create and test multiple target audiences while simultaneously testing different ad creatives.

Cyril wanted to see how using multiple audiences and different customer data would improve his digital advertising campaigns and increase his return on ad spend. By utilizing ToneDen’s audience optimization, he was able to A/B test different target audiences on Facebook and automatically reallocate his advertising budget toward the most effective audience.

Instead of trying to market his event toward just a single audience that may or may not drive sales, Cyril tripled his odds of success by marketing toward 3 different segments of people. By doing this, ToneDen was able to identify the audience that was actually driving ticket sales and continuously improve Cyril’s ad targeting over the course of his campaign.

Similar to testing audiences, testing multiple advertising creatives is key in building an ad that people will click on in their news feeds. Today, testing multiple creatives is difficult and time consuming. By utilizing ToneDen’s ad creation tool, it took Cyril 2 minutes to double his chances of converting his audiences. With multiple video creatives, ToneDen helped Cyril to identify the ad that ticket buyers found most engaging. ToneDen automatically tested every possible combination of video, text, and call to action that Cyril included to find the one ad that converted ticket buyers the best.

The Minimal Effort Advertising Campaign was able to successfully sell $80+ tickets at a cost of $10.22 per ticket sale.

Because Cyril used A/B testing both at the audience and creative level, he was able to receive over a 10x return on his ad spend.

“ToneDen’s simple to use advertising tools helped us quickly reach the right audience and generate direct sales for our events. This not only saved us countless hours of work but automatically drove the best return on our ad spend.”— Cyril Bitar

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