Ramsey Aburaneh is the Social Media Manager for Ink Entertainment, a leading entertainment and lifestyle company based in Canada. Ramsey promotes events across multiple venues including trendy nightclubs and critically acclaimed restaurants.

Ramsey runs the marketing for Mortem Halloween, one of Toronto’s biggest Halloween parties at Rebel Entertainment Complex. By using a couple of online advertising best practices, he created a single ad campaign that achieved over 144.5x return.

The Right Approach to Budget Optimization

A single ad campaign over the course of 10 days was all Ramsey needed to sell out this Halloween party. Ramsey utilized ToneDen’s budget optimization to test four target audiences in parallel, automatically reallocating his advertising budget towards the most effective audiences. This meant that his campaign was delivering ads to audiences that were already likely to purchase tickets. As a result, he was able to generate a higher return on ad spend, saving him time, money and hassle.

ToneDen’s optimization engine analyzes the performance of past ad campaigns and multiple high-quality signals of live campaigns using conversion tracking with A/B testing. By learning from the data behind what actually drives better campaign performance, ToneDen is able to adjust Ramsey’s campaigns to make sure he’s getting the best return for every dollar spent.

In contrast, Facebook’s algorithm only optimizes based on information that’s immediately available. This means Facebook may make decisions prematurely, since their system is only looking at conversions that are happening in one ad set and not others.

The Result

In this campaign, Ink Entertainment was able to sell more tickets faster for their Mortem Halloween Party at Rebel Entertainment Complex by including multiple variations of audiences and creatives.

By re-allocating more ad spend toward the best performing audiences, ToneDen was able to shift their marketing dollar towards the best performing options to yield a relevance score of 9 out of 10. Higher relevancy scores mean that the people viewing the ads actually found the ad meaningful, leading to more reach, which in turn resulted in more purchases.

Ramsey’s 10 day campaign achieved a return on investment of 144.5x. That meant for every $1 he spent advertising, he gained $144 in ticket revenue. By using ToneDen, Ink Entertainment has increased their return on ad spend and generated new online revenue.

“Not only was Mortem Halloween one of our best parties, ToneDen helped us spook the competition away as well!”

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