Tallying up Instagram followers, YouTube subscriber counts, and Spotify streams isn’t most bands’ idea of a good time. Growing a fanbase is important, but the marketing effort required to do so can eat up a lot of effort, cash, and creative energy.

Outline in Color has bigger and better concerns. A metalcore/post-hardcore band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, they’ve released four full-length albums and two EPs, hitting the Billboard charts repeatedly and touring the world. Since 2009, they’ve been working artists, which means monetizing their passion—and taking the business side of things into their own hands.

 “After being signed to a record label for several years, we have completed our recording agreement to become free-agents again,” says Michael Skaggs, who does vocals and bass with OIC. “In 2020, we produced our latest work, ‘Imposter Syndrome.’ Produced by Andrew Baylis, the EP has elevated OIC's sound to a whole new level.”

Outline in Color

A whole new level requires a whole new strategy for growing your fanbase on multiple platforms, which is why OIC jumped on ToneDen’s new Social + Streaming Growth Suite. A sneak preview of the results? Skaggs reports: “We have gained thousands of fans across all social media platforms from using ToneDen.” 

Getting More Followers, Listeners, and Subscribers with ToneDen's Growth Suite

The triple-header of the Growth Suite’s most popular offerings—Instagram Growth Playbook, Spotify Growth Playbook, and YouTube Growth Playbook—has yielded jaw-dropping results for OIC on all three platforms. “The growth playbooks are amazing,” Skaggs admits. The sophistication of the ToneDen platform, especially the Growth Suite, “takes ad spend and brings value and density to our ad campaigns."

“We have gained thousands of fans across all social media platforms from using ToneDen.” 

Instagram Growth Playbook

Two months into the Instagram Growth Playbook, Online In Color has added more than 2,345 new Instagram followers at a cost of just $0.18 per follower. With the Instagram Growth Playbook, ToneDen’s Instagram Story ads move interested fans directly to OIC’s profile. That means more likes, comments, views, and reshares—i.e., more engagement. The more engaged your fans are, the more apparent it is that these aren’t just bots: these are real Instagram followers. 

Instagram Growth Campaign Insights & Ad Creative (Below)

Spotify Growth Playbook

“I love that running a Spotify Growth campaign also builds our Instagram audience simultaneously,” says Skaggs. “An added plus for sure!” ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is where he encourages other artists to begin. “$5 per day spend—this is more than enough to show you what this kind of tool is capable of!” OIC’s Spotify Growth Playbook has netted them more than 4,700 new Spotify followers—at a cost of just $.03 a follower. Those followers play a crucial role in generating more streams and listens, getting OIC closer to landing on editorial playlists.

Spotify Growth Campaign Insights & Ad Creative (Below)

YouTube Growth Playbook

Any good song comes with an equally good video, whether it’s live footage or a music video. With ToneDen’s YouTube Growth Playbook, YouTube growth strategy has never been easier. OIC spent $145 and expanded their following by more than 2,240 new subscribers—at a cost of just $.07 per subscriber. Running paid campaigns with this playbook helped the band get the eyes of their most qualified fans directly on their channel. 

YouTube Growth Campaign Insights & Ad Creative (Below)

A Multi-Channel Approach “For Absolutely Any Artist”

Bands today can grow a global fanbase more quickly than ever—but it takes a multi-channel approach. Thanks to ToneDen’s Social + Streaming Growth Suite, though, Outline In Color has seen their followers and subscribers and listeners soar. “Nothing,” has worked this well, Skaggs admits. “And I've tried everything.”

“The growth playbooks are amazing."

That’s why Skaggs recommends the Growth Suite for “absolutely any artist. ToneDen does a great job at helping build audiences (even if you don't know your audience). That being said, if you are aware of your audience, and know what kind of artists your fans listen to, the audience building tools work even better.”

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