Grammy-award winning artist RAC, AKA Andre Allen Anjos, made a name for himself with his remixes. Today, RAC is focused on creating original work and sharing the process with his fans.

He’s also reshaping the creative economy in an era of livestream marketing and Twitch promotion. On the heels of his latest release, BOY, an EP three years in the making, RAC launched a series of Twitch sessions to share music (and explore the possibilities of patronage). 

All artists know that a devoted fanbase is important. If you want to promote an album, you need listeners. If you want to promote your livestream—or livestreams, plural—you need viewers. That means thinking about retention. 

Translation: building a consistent viewership.

To do so, take a cue from gamer marketing (where the current Twitch-YouTube-Facebook live streaming renaissance has roots). While it’s thrilling to see huge attendance numbers for a stream, it can be demoralizing if the next session’s attendance lags. RAC, like any artist building a livestream series, knows that “stream-to-stream drop-off” is a very real challenge.

ToneDen’s StreamLinks offer an answer to that challenge. As RAC and Manager Zael Ellenhorn of YMU Group saw, StreamLinks make livestreams like RAC’s easily accessible while helping build a consistent streaming viewership.

Enter: ToneDen StreamLinks

StreamLinks are universal marketing landing pages that help artists get more viewers and followers across any platform. With a single smartlink, viewers can see when and where you’ll be going live. By RSVPing, they’ll be able to receive notifications for all your streams’ dates. Yes, that’s streams plural. As RAC’s manager Ellenhorn appreciated, StreamLinks are perfect for any “artist streaming multiple times a week, so that you can always direct people to one place.”

“Easy to set up and nice to have a landing page with the full schedule,” RAC’s StreamLinks let more than 498 viewers see his StreamLink and 31% of them clicked through to his Twitch session when it was live. 

There’s more. The StreamLink’s viewers RSVP’d for RAC’s Livestream. Providing useful information about viewers’ geographic location, RSVPs are a tool for retention and “collecting emails,” Ellenhorn noted. They’re also fan-friendly. 

It’s easy to forget about online commitments, but RSVPing with a StreamLink prompts two reminder emails: one 24 hours before the livestream, another 30 minutes before. For RAC’s Livestream, 188 reminder emails were sent. And those reminder emails let you sync with any calendar app. That retention problem? Gone. Contacts for future livestream sessions? At hand. 

RAC and Ellenhorn would “definitely” recommend ToneDen’s StreamLinks. In fact, Ellenhorn has started using them for ’90s alternative legend Soul Asylum’s weekly acoustic sessions. They’re powerful viewer acquisition tools for any artist looking to get more followers and grow viewers in the rapidly-shifting creative economy. 

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