Matt McMaster is the Social Media Coordinator for Deathwaltz Media Group. Based in Philadelphia, Matt advertises live performances at Electric Factory, one of the nation’s leading indoor music venues.

Matt wanted to learn how to sell more tickets online with Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. By using a couple of online advertising best practices, he created a series of campaigns that achieved over 9.1x return.

The right approach to advertising online

There are a handful of key tactics that advertisers overlook when building their online ad campaigns. Working with a limited budget, Matt could not afford to make any mistakes. Wasting time or money by advertising to the wrong individuals would drastically hurt a performance’s revenue.

Matt decide to use ToneDen to help advertise Electric Factory’s upcoming performance. He quickly created multiple ad campaigns: one for the show’s announcement and one for the on-sale period.

Throughout his campaigns, budget optimization steered the budget to the best-performing audiences to make his advertising dollars as effective as possible.

Filling the venue

Matt’s campaigns achieved a return on investment of 9.1x. For every $1 he spent advertising, he gained $9 in ticket revenue. By using ToneDen for social advertising, Electric Factory has increased their return on ad spend by more than 4x and made thousands in new online revenue.

ToneDen is by the most intuitive interface for creating ad sets for Facebook and Instagram. We started using ToneDen about six months ago, and the impact was immediate. The ROI on ads from ToneDen is nearly 10x on a lot of shows, and on average, I’d say about 6–7x.” — Matt McMaster, Social Media Coordinator, Deathwaltz Media Group

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