Mastering Spotify promotion can be a full-time job, which may be a lot to hear if you’re an artist. Figuring out how to get on Spotify playlists or how to use Spotify for Artists is important, but it’s a far cry from making music; in fact, the whole prospect can be cry-inducing––and not necessarily in the way that inspires the emo anthems The Maguas are known for. 

Despite that, The Maguas have been prowling the playlists since 2018. A 5-piece emo rock band—think Jimmy Eat World, Bayside, My Chemical Romance—The Maguas’ sound veers from uptempo to wistful, utterly unique to nostalgic, a powerful blend of alternative rock and power pop punk. With catchy but cutting-edge lyrics and meticulous melodies, The Maguas has begun releasing singles from the second EP, One of Us Is Lying

New releases mean new chances to grow on Spotify: new playlisting opportunities, new listeners to reach. That’s why The Maguas turned to ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook. 

“I discovered ToneDen following a pre-save campaign run by another band on Facebook,” Brandon Ossont, drummer for The Maguas told ToneDen. “The tools provided by ToneDen were exactly what we as a band needed to help us grow!”

Reaching New Fans with ToneDen

The Maguas released their debut EP Good Beer in 2019. Deeply introspective, Good Beer confronted demons and insecurities in six unflinching and undeniable songs. With One of Us Is Lying, The Maguas teamed up with producer Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard, Casa Loma) at Lumberyard Recording to create a powerful next chapter in their music. But the band knew it was time for a new chapter in their approach to marketing, as well. 

The tools provided by ToneDen were exactly what we as a band needed to help us grow!

“We often relied on Facebook ads,” Ossont says. “We struggled greatly with reaching a real audience who showed any interest in our music. Once we decided to use the tools of ToneDen more seriously, we found major success in both our ability to reach new fans and also build a fanbase with the interactions we had with our ad sets!”

What the band discovered was the usability of Playbooks, ToneDen’s premade, multi-tiered marketing campaigns designed for artists and creators. “The Playbooks were so straight-forward and easy to set up and adjust,” Ossont says. “Once we understood who our audience was, we left the rest to ToneDen to help us get the job done right.” 

Growing on Spotify: 3,000 New Followers

Getting the job right means growing on Spotify. With nearly 300 million users, the largest streaming service in the world has the potential to take an artist from up-and-coming to overnight celebrity status almost instantly. 

ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook helps bands like The Maguas tap into that potential. Harnessing the power of Instagram Stories ads, the Spotify Growth Playbook allows artists to advertise new releases with a simple swipe-up CTA. That swipe-up takes fans to the artist’s Spotify profile page, where it’s easy to Listen, Save, or Follow. 

For a two-week campaign on the heels of their latest single, “Action Speak Louder Than Words,” The Maguas invested $111 in the Spotify Growth Playbook. Before the campaign had wrapped up, their Spotify followers had exploded: they added 2000 followers at a cost of just $.06 per follower. 

Ossont couldn’t be more pleased. “Since working with ToneDen, our following has grown across the board. Using proper ad sets and audience targeting, we were able to grow our Spotify by over 3000k new followers in just a few short months! Of course, this requires proper marketing knowledge and audience insights, but ToneDen was there to help us every step of the way.” 

A Powerful Tool for Artists

Followers matter on Spotify. They go beyond fans, serving as evidence to Spotify’s algorithms (and employees) that an artist’s song is playlist-worthy. With ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, any artist can play a part in shaping their future. 

That’s why Ossont recommends ToneDen to artists. In addition to the playbook, he touts the platform’s ability to capture “Pre-Saves as well as Followers.”

As he puts it, “I love to discover new music, but oftentimes found people would submit to our lists without returning a follow or even really checking out the playlist! ToneDen helped us to gather those true followers who would actually check out the list and tune in for the updates. Another powerful tool we love to use!” 

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