Tessa Morris is the Marketing Director for Berkeley Music Group, a nonprofit organization formed to renovate and run The UC Theatre in Berkeley.

Tessa came to us to learn how A/B testing multiple target audiences and different customer data would improve her digital marketing campaigns. The result was a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that automatically optimized for ticket purchasers, which yielded a 32x return on ad spend.

In just 3 days, Tessa needed to promote the Social Distortion show and increase ticket sales.

Most marketers don’t use A/B testing. They don’t have the time it takes to create different target audiences and ad creatives. With ToneDen, this can be accomplished in minutes.

Campaign Optimization

Instead of marketing her event toward one audience that may or may not drive sales, Tessa tripled her odds of success by marketing toward 3 different segments of people.

Tessa utilized ToneDen’s ad technology to A/B test different target audiences and automatically reallocate her advertising budget to the most effective audience.

A/B Test Target Audiences in Minutes.

Taking her campaign a step further, ToneDen helped Tessa to identify the ad that ticket buyers found most engaging.

ToneDen’s optimization engine automatically delivered the ad that converted ticket buyers the best by automatically testing every possible combination of image, text, and call to action that Tessa included.

Campaign Outcome

After successfully A/B testing both at the audience and creative level, Tessa was able to receive more than a 32x return on ad spend for this campaign. She quickly created awareness about the event by reaching 18,248 people with her ads. The 3 day campaign led to 201 conversions and thousands in ticket sales.

Now, Tessa easily creates successful social ads for all of the events at The UC Theatre.

“Not only is ToneDen saving our marketing team an insane amount of time doing manual A/B testing, but we’ve seen our ROI more than triple since we started using it. Highly recommended!” — Tessa Morris, Marketing Director

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