Rap Caviar is the holy grail of Spotify editorial playlists for hip-hop artists. Getting playlisted at that level is a guaranteed path to listens — lots of listens. So many listens that you up your chances of getting a deal with a major label. 

Rapper Mills Supreme is no stranger to success. You probably heard him, featured on Supa Dupa Humble’s “Steppin,’” the track that broke streaming: 10 million views on YouTube, a billion-plus TikToks, a Time magazine feature. After all that, it was time for Mills Supreme to step up with his own story.

“Music is really the only way I feel comfortable expressing myself,” he tells ToneDen. “I get lost in the nostalgia, I’m locked in. It’s just me and you. Whoever you are. This is a journey and you are more than welcome to come along.”

Especially welcome on the journey? ToneDen, the social marketing platform Mills Supreme uses to grow his own numbers on Spotify.

“We have gained about 412 new followers in two weeks on running ads, but not only on Spotify: I’ve seen new followers on my IG, new subscriptions on my YouTube channel." 

Keeping Fans Happy with FanLinks 

Mills Supreme and his business partner first started using ToneDen for its advertising capabilities. A refreshing upgrade from Facebook Ads, the platform helped them develop their audience targeting capabilities. Suddenly, they were reaching fans based on age or city.

FanLinks, ToneDen’s SmartLinks for music releases, showed Mills Supreme just how powerful a marketing tool ToneDen is. Advertising his debut EP, “Don’t You Love Me?”, Mills Supreme’s FanLink showed fans where the track was available — and provided a link to its listing on that platform. The FanLink cuts down on dropoff while upping listens and shares. 

It worked hard behind the scenes, too. Mills Supreme was amazed by how the FanLink captured data that he and his partner could use for retargeting, like a fan’s location and their preferred platform. 

But ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook? That’s on another level.

400 Spotify Followers … Plus New YouTube Subscriptions!

The idea behind ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is simple: the more followers and streams you have, the better positioned you’ll be to find a spot on Spotify’s Editorial Playlists. 

And by running campaigns on Instagram Stories, ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook lets Mills Supreme send viable fans — from all over the world — straight to their Spotify page. 

Mills Supreme spent $10 a day on a fifteen-day campaign. The results were incredible. “ToneDen has helped me gain and measure followers by doing most of the heavy work,” he says. “We have gained about 412 new followers in two weeks on running ads, but not only on Spotify: I’ve seen new followers on my IG, new subscriptions on my YouTube channel. The interaction has been amazing stemming from this feature.”

A Gift for Artists 

Mills Supreme has seen better performance from ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook than any of his previous advertising efforts. It was simple to setup. And those are two reasons why he’d recommend it — especially to artists. 

“The artist benefits from ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook the most,” he says, “because it gives artists more time to create music and less time to figure out marketing strategies. I can’t think of anything that I was previously doing that garnered results this effective, this fast.”

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