The spookiest time of year is almost upon us! If you’re an event marketer, you already know Halloween is a huge moneymaker in the events world. Just last year, Halloween sales hit $9 billion. With so many campaigns launching this season, don’t let yours hide in the shadows. Make your campaign the bump in the night everyone’s talking about. 

Ready for some scary-good inspiration? Here’s how a few of our clients—Dead End Hayride, Nightmare Festival, and Avant Gardner’s Cityfox Halloween Festival—used ToneDen to crush ticket sales this past year:

Dead End Hayride

Minnesota's Dead End Hayride, offers a full-on haunted experience: haunted hayride, haunted house, and, of course, haunted corn maze.

With a current budget of $253, they launched a conversion campaign on Facebook and Instagram. ToneDen’s audience building tools were split among a handful of audiences including people who visited their website, people who engaged with their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and MailChimp entries via ToneDen's integration. 

They’ve so far added over $13,000 in revenue (and only spent that $253)—a 52.3x return on ad spend. That means for every $1 they spent, they made $52

Like all campaigns launched through ToneDen, Dead End Hayride’s budget was automatically reallocated to the audiences bringing in the most revenue. With ToneDen’s Automatic Budget Optimization, they earned an additional $617 that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Nightmare Festival

Nightmare Festival, the nation’s largest two-day Halloween party in the heart of Washington D.C. at The Anthem, used ToneDen to cover their whole festival marketing lifecycle from announce to close-out. 

For this particular campaign—with a budget of $800—ToneDen’s audience building tools were split among a handful of different audiences including people who visited their website, an interest audience based on the artist Bassnectar, and page likes of the festival’s Facebook page. 

Nightmare Festival reached 17,500 interested ticket buyers and added over $26,000 in revenue, an 87.1x return on ad spend—making an astounding $87 for every $1 they spent.

An added bonus? They’ve made $3,559 more with ToneDen’s budget optimization.

Avant Gardner's Cityfox Halloween Festival

Photo by Bryan Kwon

Avant Gardner is the epicenter of Brooklyn entertainment: their 80,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor complex occupies an entire city block of industrial Bushwick. Last year, Avant Gardner used ToneDen to run an Event On-Sale Instagram Story Campaign to market their annual Cityfox Halloween Festival. By using ToneDen, they were easily able to get the story ad in front of multiple audiences and see how each performed.

Their $3,016 budget netted them almost $55,000. Over 185k Instagram users viewed the ad and 483 of them engaged and bought tickets. For every $1 they spent, they made $18.

Pro-Tip: Take your event marketing to the next level and leverage ToneDen Event Playbooks to obtain FaceBook Messenger Subscribers and send auto-messages to generate immediate sales.

From my experience, ToneDen lets you engage with your customers and make a better experience for them. — Hayata Ishikawa, Marketing Director for Avant Gardner

The Results

In these campaigns, Dead End Hayride, Nightmare Festival, and Avant Gardner were all able to sell tickets faster by taking advantage of ToneDen’s user-friendly interface, easy-to-use Audience Builder, and automated budget optimization—averting risk and driving sales while our proprietary algorithms re-allocated their ad spend to those audiences more likely to generate revenue.

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