Heather is the Operations Manager of Club Glow, an event production company known for featuring the biggest DJs in the world at Echostage.

Heather came to us to learn how A/B testing multiple ad creatives and target audiences could help achieve Club Glow’s digital marketing goals. The result was a Facebook and Instagram campaign that led to a 19X return on ad spend.

Heather wanted to see how using customer data and multiple audiences would improve her digital advertising campaigns.

Using ToneDen, she created 8 target audiences for her Tchami campaign. She leveraged customer data and Facebook fan data to A/B test the different audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

When ToneDen’s automatic optimization reallocated her ad spend to the audiences converting the most ticket sales, Heather scored more tickets sales for less ad spend, effectively lowering her customer acquisition cost.

Crafting the perfect message

Inputting her creative assets into ToneDen took Heather only 2 minutes. ToneDen automatically tested every possible combination of image, text, and call to action. By doing so, ToneDen identified the ads ticket buyers found most engaging — and maximized the revenue.

Driving Ticket Sales

After A/B testing both at the audience and creative level, Heather was able to receive over a 19x return on ad spend for this campaign. She quickly created awareness about the event by reaching 35,907 people with her ads and receiving 263 direct conversions. Her Facebook and Instagram ads generated thousands of dollars in ticket sales for the Tchami show.

“These results completely exceeded what I expected! ToneDen helped us discover the right target audiences and creatives for our campaigns. Their automatic advertising has allowed us to further improve our digital advertising efforts.” — Heather Church, Operations, Club Glow

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