Paul is the Marketing Director of Nootrobox, an e-commerce company known for their cognitive-enhancement supplements called nootropics.

Nootrobox came to us to learn how they could improve their digital ad campaigns and increase sales. In a single week, we were able to create two promotions that captured data on hundreds of new prospects. This data was leveraged to create a highly targeted advertising campaign that generated thousands of dollars in new sales. The result was a digital marketing strategy that identified the company’s optimal target audience and ad creative.

“The Nootrobox FULL STACK offers a cornucopia of self-actualization — improved cognitive function, better sleep, and protection against cellular wear and tear — all through swallowing a few pills a day.” — The New York Times

Incentivized Data Capture

Through ToneDen’s free contest tool, Paul was able to easily and quickly create a contest, giving away a Full Stack to one lucky winner. To enter, individuals were prompted to share their contact information.

Then, entrants increased their chances of winning by sharing Paul’s contest on their Facebook pages.

He used ToneDen’s Automatic Advertising to quickly create a Facebook and Instagram campaign to further increase the reach of his contest. By doing so, Nootrobox was able to capture hundreds of emails from people interested in their Full Stack.

Putting Customer Acquisition on Autopilot

Paul utilized ToneDen’s Lasso widget to offer a discount coupon for individuals to unlock. Lasso lives in the corner of Nootrobox’s website and allows site visitors to share their contact information with Nootrobox. Paul’s discount coupon created a powerful incentive for visitors to connect their social accounts. This strategy allowed Paul to collect valuable customer contact information around the clock.

Data-driven Sales

By using ToneDen’s growth tools to run promotions, Paul acquired customer data he can utilize for social advertising campaigns.

In minutes, he created a Facebook and Instagram campaign that A/B tested 10 audiences and 5 creative options. As a result, he was able to quickly identify his optimal target audience and best ad creative. ToneDen’s automatic optimization reallocated Paul’s ad spend to the optimal audience and delivered the winning ad creative.

“ToneDen allows us to advertise and run promotions that keep customers coming back. With it, we have been able to discover our optimal target audience and ad creative in a short amount of time.” — Paul Benigeri, Marketing Director, Nootrobox

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