Jeehye Jung is the Digital Lead for Amuse Agency, a creative consulting agency hired by the SXM Festival. This music festival is a new 5-day event on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Jeehye came to us to learn more about driving ticket sales for the international festival. Her goal was to ignite ticket sales for the 5-day event quickly and efficiently. The result was a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that directly sold over 500 festival tickets and achieved a 8X return on ad spend.

Jeehye needed to successfully promote SXM Festival to dance music fans in over 8 countries.

When marketing an international music festival, most marketers only include one audience that targets multiple countries. In turn, they end up directing a single ad creative at just one audience comprising multiple countries. This is due to the amount of time and planning the process requires. Fortunately, ToneDen has streamlined this process, making it easier than ever to create a successful campaign in minutes.

Finding demand

Instead of marketing the festival toward one audience filled with countries that may or may not drive sales, Jeehye increased her odds of success by marketing toward 10 different segments of dance music fans in 5 different countries.

She utilized ToneDen’s ad technology to A/B test different target audiences and automatically reallocate her advertising budget toward the most promising audience. This maximized her marketing budget: she was able to sell more tickets in the most cost-effective geography.

Perfecting the message

Taking her campaign a step further, ToneDen helped Jeehye to identify the ads that ticket buyers found most engaging.

By automatically testing every possible combination of image, text, and call to action that Jeehye included, ToneDen automatically delivered the ad that best converted ticket buyers.

Staying top of mind

Jeehye was able to drive some of the highest returns within her campaign by utilizing retargeting. By reapproaching those individuals who began the checkout process but not complete a purchase, Jeehye could convert those most qualified to buy and generate Return on Ad Spends as high as $20 for every $1 spent.

The key to her success was showing different variations of video and image-related content in her retargeting campaigns to provide “on the fence” visitors with a fresh view of the festival.


By using ToneDen, Jeehye quickly created awareness about the event by reaching 1,074,720 people with her ads. Her multinational campaign resulted in a 8x return on ad spend and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

“ToneDen has allowed us to make the most out of every dollar and zone in on the most profitable audience groups. Their platform takes A/B testing to a whole new level. With this we’ve been able to not only cater a wide variety of ad variations at once, but also … understand which post styles work the best for our audience and incorporate this knowledge into our social media posting strategy.” — Jeehye Jung, Digital Lead, SXM Festival

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