The power of social influence can’t be overstated, and today’s best event marketers know it. Hype, publicity, buzz — whatever you call it, the build-up preceding a concert or a festival definitely drives ticket sales. And, hype, in today’s digital marketing landscape, looks a lot like Facebook Event RSVPs. 

“Interested.” “Going.” You have the same objective no matter what button you want people to click: driving engagement to use the power of social influence to sell more tickets. And with ToneDen’s Event RSVP ads, some of the top festivals and events’ organizers are doing just that. 

Uncorked Chicago turns the Windy City’s Museum of Science and Industry into a swanky sipping soiree. The March evening out offers guests three tiers of ticketing — and countless opportunities to pose in the Museum’s famous model coal mine in cocktail attire. 

Uncorked ran a 73-day Event RSVP Ad campaign to drum up excitement for the oenophile extravaganza. They spent just $1287.55 and generated nearly $6,000, but, just as importantly, that ad spend also netted them 5,115 RSVPs. Nearly 2% of the people who saw the Event RSVP ad clicked “Going.” 

What’s their secret? Event RSVP ads enabled Uncorked to direct viewers straight to their Facebook event with a direct link to the event page: a straight shot from newsfeed to invite. Since the ad used creative and attributes from the Uncorked event page, viewers were more likely to click-through. And since ToneDen’s Event RSVP ads allow marketers to track purchases, it’s easy to see just how effective those “Goings” really are. 

"I've really been enjoying creating the ads and seeing the results in an easy to understand report everyday!" – Michelle Harris, Owner of Uncorked Chicago

Running Event RSVP ads is a sure-fire way to drive engagement, but coupling it with Facebook Checkout is ridiculously effective. With Facebook Checkout, users don’t have to leave the Facebook interface to purchase tickets. It’s a simple click to confirm payment information and then the new ticket-holders can share their plans with all their friends.

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