At ToneDen, we believe in the power of getting personal. Client calls often turn into brainstorming sessions, with marketers testing out new game plans, our team sharing learnings, and everyone emerging hyped on that irreplicable energy borne of collaboration. Budget optimization, complex targeting set-ups, placement recommendations––we talk through it all. 

But while our metrics-driven strategies may come up organically, solving the puzzle of ad creative is more of … an enigma. What constitutes good ad creative? Compelling ad creative? Action-driving ad creative? It’s sort of like asking what makes chocolate chip cookie dough taste good. Is it the brown-sugary dough? The chocolate chips? The font? The photos or video? The graphic design elements?

Creative management issues, ad formatting best practices, design limitations: at ToneDen, we wanted to help marketers master ad creative once and for all. No, we didn’t all press pause and go to art school. Our team set-out to empower marketers with the best professional design tools.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our integration with Canva.

All the power of Canva, now in ToneDen

“It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas,” the great Impressionist painter Paul Cezanne said. Thankfully, for those of who aren’t Cezanne (––that’s all of us!), there’s Canva, a simple drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than one million photos, graphic elements, and fonts. 

With ToneDen’s new Canva integration, advertisers can access all of the design features of Canva without ever leaving their campaign creation page. Forget Googling “best ad fonts” or “stock concert photos.” Canva is like having a full graphic design firm at your disposal. Use their templates to get inspired and their striking photos to capture attention; explore fonts and other elements to personalize your ad creative. After that, it’s as simple as publishing your design, and we’ll add it to your campaign.

Access Canva through ToneDen's 'Design Your Own'
Design ad creative without ever leaving ToneDen

With the right tools and proven technique, crafting show stopping ad creative is easy. Unleash your inner artist with Canva. Bring on the creativity.

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