Today, we’re excited to announce that Dynamic Event Ads are now available through Eventbrite. To make advertising successful and easy for anyone, Dynamic Event Ads let you promote your entire event calendar on Facebook & Instagram to select target audiences within a single ad campaign. 

Marketing multiple events, or calendar advertising, isn’t new. Typically, calendar advertising means creating individual marketing campaigns for each event. While this option might seem effective, time and budget restrictions usually keep promoters from running continuous campaigns for all of their events. 

Now, for as little as $1/day, ToneDen’s Dynamic Event Ads improve on calendar advertising by automating the entire process—allowing promoters to pool their budgets for individual events into a single ad campaign without sacrificing the singular promotion of each event. To learn more, check out ToneDen CRO & Co-founder Ali Shakeri's guest post on Eventbrite—Dynamic Event Ads: The Best-Kept Secret to Drive Ticket Sales.

Here’s how they work:

Here’s why they work so well:

1. Fans only see ads for shows they’re interested in. DEAs only serve ads for the show pages fans have viewed (but haven’t purchased tickets to yet).

2. Promoters only need to create the campaign once. ToneDen updates Facebook daily with information about your events so that you don’t have to. Anytime you create a new event through Eventbrite, the event information is added to Facebook. Sold out, cancelled, or happened last night? The event info is removed from Facebook.

3. Promoters only need one budget for remarketing. DEAs allow you to remarket hundreds of shows within a single campaign because the creative a fan sees is dependent on the show page they viewed (but didn’t purchase tickets to yet).

ToneDen is integrated within the Eventbrite App Marketplace for event marketers who to want to sell more tickets using the latest in marketing technology. Users can easily advertise their events through Facebook and Instagram without leaving the Eventbrite application resulting in increased ticket sales and higher audience engagement.

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