After helping event creators sell over $111,000,000 of gross ticket sales in 2019, we’ve arrived at a stunning realization. Despite being mortal enemies, Facebook & Google Ads are one of the greatest duos of all time when it comes to selling tickets through advertising.

Facebook tells us over 85% of sales from advertising occur without a click. Typically, when a fan discovers an event through a sponsored post or story on Facebook or Instagram, they buy tickets after performing a Google Search to find the best version of that ticket (i.e. lowest cost, best seat, etc.).

But by coupling Facebook and Google, you get the Kobe and Shaq of online advertising. The Sonny and Cher of digital promotion. The Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez of social marketing.

What Are Google Ads and How Do They Work?

Google offers paid advertisements that appear in search results on with the use of Google AdWords or advertisements that appear on other websites. Google Ads work on an auction system, which takes place every time a user performs a keyword search. The process of creating an ad is like this:

1. Choose some keywords to target i.e. [venue] or [event name]

2. Bid on keywords, basing bid on what you’re willing to pay for a Google user to click on an ad.

3. Create ads linking to your website or ticketing page.

Google Ads are different from other advertising models: you only pay for results. No results? You don’t pay. That’s why Google AdWords is so powerful (and profitable).

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) Matter

If Google is the last stop people make before buying tickets, those listings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) matter a lot.

Google Search Engine Results Pages are the pages that are created when you input a query into Google Search:

It’s no surprise that listings at the top of SERPs see more traffic and better click through rates (CTRs) than those at the bottom. As a result, fans are more likely to purchase from listings that appear at the top of SERPs.

In certain markets, this means your competitors are likely bidding on keywords relevant to SERPs for your events (i.e. your venue name and event name, acts you’ve booked, etc.). We’ve coined a term for this technique: funnel hijacking. And ticket scalpers are especially good at it. 

Avoid Getting Hijacked at the Bottom of the Funnel

Querying tickets for a popular artist like Bon Jovi (google search: “Bon Jovi Tickets”) results in a SERP that gives a fan multiple options for buying tickets to a Bon Jovi concert. How can you take control? Investing in Google AdWords campaigns helps you dominate the SERPs related to your events, thus steering ticket-buying fans buying to the right source.

The Challenge: Google Ads Can Be Tricky

SERPs are important, but creating quality ads in the Google AdWords platform is not very user-friendly. It’s not especially intuitive, either. And measuring returns from Google AdWords campaigns can be tough. It’s great to see cost per click, but what’s your cost per ticket sold?

It’s great to see cost per click, but what’s your cost per ticket sold?

And worse, generating a list of keywords that actually move tickets takes time. It’s easy to know which keywords have the cheapest cost per click, but hard to see what’s really driving revenue. How do you identify which keywords are the most profitable for ticket sales? 

The Solution: Create Winning Google Ads in Minutes with ToneDen

ToneDen now offers an all-in-one interface for event marketers to manage their Facebook advertising along with their Google Ads campaigns—increasing ticket revenue with less work. With ToneDen’s Google Ads “Add-On”, creating Google Ads for Events has never been easier. 

How it works:

• We help you create your Google Ads pixel and install conversion tracking so that you know how many tickets your campaigns are selling.

• Our automated keyword building tool lets you generate relevant keyword lists to target the right fans. Simply input your event/artist name & event location: the list populates with the click of a button.

• Our clear reporting reveals the keywords and creatives that are driving the most ticket sales from your Google Ads campaigns.

On average, ToneDen’s Google Ads help event creators make over $6 back for every paid marketing dollar. In combination with Facebook Advertising, Google Ads deliver dramatic results—boosting attendance and increasing your sales. 

"ToneDen provides a more seamless experience with Google Ads which has allowed for an increase in productivity, and a decrease in time spent struggling with a complicated backend." – Ian Molloy, Marketing Director, The Midway

This Add-On is a premium feature. Add to any base plan for an additional $50 per month or contact

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