A large part of our mission is to make it easier for creators and brands to build better audiences. We believe in crafting tools that empower marketers to form long-lasting relationships with the people that matter to their brand. Today, we’re excited to announce our new product Lasso, an evolution of our toolset to accelerate fan acquisition.

Lasso makes it easy to acquire new fans and customers from anywhere across the web.

Lasso is a widget that lives in the corner of your webpage. It’s an incredibly powerful way to convert anonymous visitors into real customers, drive social engagement, and build a database of highly-engaged customers.

Designed to convert

We wanted to make Lasso an incredibly friendly experience for your website’s visitors. For years, pop-ups have remained the de facto method of collecting a visitor’s email or information. Our goal was to craft an experience that was new yet familiar, engaging visitors meaningfully without getting in their way.

The result is a chat-like experience that can be personalized to represent a brand or human speaking to the visitor directly. Lasso occupies smaller real-estate on the page while still being bold enough to capture people’s attention. Moreover, it provides visitors with the opportunity to dismiss the widget without detracting from the page’s main content.

Its customizability gives you the ability to perfectly tailor the message you want your audience to receive. You can be welcoming, authentic, and friendly to visitors on your website, allowing you to establish stronger relationships with existing and potential customers than you’d be able to with pop-ups.

All-in-one social engagement and acquisition

Our built-in social integrations help you drive immediate social engagement in addition to capturing emails and profile information from visitors to your website.

From Facebook to YouTube, there’s a wide set of customizable social actions that you can tune to drive the right kind of engagement for your content or product. Here are three examples of how you can use Lasso to acquire fans and customers:

Signup Forms

A simple Facebook-driven signup form allows you to build your audience constantly across your webpages. This not only helps you to capture emails but obtain the information you need to tailor personalized marketing messages to your audience, too.

Social Unlocks

A social unlock campaign is incredibly effective in incentivizing users to perform a key social action by giving them a coupon, promotion, or downloadable piece of content. With this, you’re able to drive specific kinds of social engagement while capturing emails and profile information.

Contests & Giveaways

A giveaway campaign is a powerful mechanism not only to only convert visitors into registered fans, but also to boost engagement across multiple social platforms at once.

Ready to plugin on these website builders + more.

Painless Setup

Lasso is easy to install on any website. It’s just one line of code that can be inserted on the webpages of your choice. From there, any customization can be performed directly through the ToneDen interface. From creating campaigns to editing their look and feel, we make it so you don’t have to touch the code ever again.

Making simple, straightforward, code-less tools that marketers can easily utilize is paramount to our philosophy. That’s why Lasso includes a number of built-in integrations with website platforms like Shopify and Wordpress. We’ll be continuing to launch more integrations with other website builders to make the process even more painless.

Custom Audiences

With Lasso accelerating your ability to capture and convert website visitors, we’ve made it simple to aggregate and unify your data.

Our audience view will help you view and manage every customer profile that Lasso organizes for you. You can easily segment groups of your audience based on characteristics like location, number of visits, favorite social networks, and even social interests.

From here, you can directly message specific segments of your audience, advertise to your audience across social media, or simply export them to other tools you use. With our custom audiences, you’ll be able to successfully market to the right customers and continue growing your brand and expanding your business.

Remarketing and Social Advertising

One of the most powerful features of Lasso is its ability to help you organize and aggregate remarketing data for all of your website or store’s visitors. Remarketing data is invaluable if you’re thinking about or are currently advertising on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

When setting up your Lasso widget, you can input your Facebook, Twitter, and Google pixels and Lasso will automatically fire off the appropriate events to build remarketing audiences across all social ad platforms. This means that you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of coding in these pixel events.

Our automated advertising platform helps you leverage this remarketing data to run social ads that help to convert your visitors into customers. Under the hood, Lasso does the heavy lifting in guiding the spend of your advertising dollars to reach people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter who actually care about your content or product.

Create and run social ads to find thousands of new customers across Facebook, Instagram, and more…
We’re excited to put Lasso in the hands of every creator, marketer, and business that strives to create meaningful relationships with the people that matter to their brand.

We still see Lasso as one of the first steps in reducing the challenges of building and growing an audience. Over the next few months, we will be making Lasso more extensible, more mobile-ready, and smarter at converting customers. Together with Lasso, we aim to make the ToneDen platform the most powerful tool for marketers and businesses everywhere.

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